Beginners Tantra Evening Workshop for 40-65yo, 
Couples and Singles welcome

 March 14th, April 4th and May 16th

If you can put more info on your site somewhere that would be great, it is:

Are you looking for ways to re-ignite intimacy, connect deeply and bring more joy into your life?

Wondering what your next step is?

Come and join these relaxed, fun and highly educational evenings to learn about:

-relaxing deeply into the present moment 

-delicious heart-opening

-how to connect with others

-increased energy flow in the body

-opening to greater levels of pleasure and sensitivity

-how to know and honour your own boundaries and those of others

...all in a fun, respectful and safely held environment.

These teachings combine wisdom from ancient traditions with modern day understanding in ways you can easily apply to increase your joy and vitality, improve your relationships and help you become relationship-ready.

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice beginner level exercises. There is no nudity, all exercises are optional with participation to your personal level of comfort.

What people are saying about Let Love In's Tantra events for 40-65yo:

‘As a woman, I was a little nervous about coming along to the evening, however, I found the tantra night was held beautifully by Martina and all who attended. It was deep and subtle and much appreciated.’

Karen, 58yo

Having attended both level one and two Let Love In events, I have found them to be of great value in providing opportunities to deepen my personal practice of consciously exploring intimate relating. This then supports the way I connect with others in my daily life. 

Geoffrey, aged 67

About facilitator, Martina Duel:

I am a qualified Counselor and also a Physiotherapist and have been working with people as a health professional for 20 years. I have also been on my own personal self growth and healing path for 30 years. This has taken me into participating and studying in many areas including Buddhist meditation, authentic movement, yoga, sacred dance, non-violent communication, spiritual teachings from many traditions, womens circles, and counseling.

I have clearly seen what scientific studies are now backing up, that our well-being is largely determined by the quality of our relationships. This includes our intimate, family, work, friendships and community relationships. Often it is in the intimate sphere that we come unstuck. Rather than being a source of connection, pleasure and nourishment, our intimate lives can become distant and dull, or worse, a war zone full of tension, fear, hurt and pain.

My desire is to promote healing and understanding in relationships of all kinds. I run many programs addressing various aspects of relating, including Loving Communication, Overcoming Co-Dependence, Letting Love In for singles and couples to transform the blocks to love, and Tantric Education for couples and singles.

 The Website link is ; Let Love In Website

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