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I embraced the RAW experience with food because of the uncooked minimum processing of the produce. 

I found that when I cooked the fresh plant produce, it felt less 'alive', denatured somewhat by the cooking process, with a loss of vitality, enzymes and sometimes taste.

You are what you eat is true on so many levels
Raw Plant-based Cuisine is a nutrient rich and a calorie sparse way of eating - gluten, wheat and dairy free, with ferments and sprouts a feature, the flavours, texture and colour will awaken a jaded palate and satisfy the hangry

Vicki Veranese

Living Live RAW Plant-Based Cuisine 
Picnics • Platters • Pantry Boxes • Food Trailer • Retreats • Online Store

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Yummy Lara

Ayurvedic Chef

Cooking Educator, teacher of Ayurveda

Organic Vegetarian and Vegan food made according to Ayurvedic Seasonal principles

Ph; 0424 407343

Luscious Foods

Luscious foods aim to provide the freshest, first class quality handmade food for your event. Whether your function is a cocktail      party, wedding, conference, picnic or intimate, Luscious will create delicious menus to suit your tastes and budget. All products are handmade using fresh local produce, organic where possible, with an extensive range of global cuisine.

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