Bookings & Rates


  • Daily Hall rates are $550 a day during the week  and weekends (9am-5pm)
  • Daily Yurt rates are $450 per day  during the week and  weekends (9am-5pm)
  • One Off  Events or larger Seminars quoted individually on the basis of numbers of people attending and facilities required when numbers exceed 25 people. 


  • Weekday Hall  rates are $55 per hour (9am-5pm) and $75 per hour after 5pm
  • Weekend Hall rates are $75 hour (Frid/Sat/Sun)

  • Weekday Yurt rates are  $45 per hour (9am-5pm) and $55 per hour after 5pm
  • Weekend Yurt rates are $55 per hour  (Frid/Sat/Sun)
  • Please note that booking times begins on entry and finishes on exit. Setting up and breaking down times are considered part of the booking time. Please allow for this when calculating the booking time required

  • 50% deposit required to confirm the booking  and balance of monies to be paid one month prior to booked event . The deposit is non-refundable.

  • Seating (chairs and cushions) and large and small trestle tables available.

  • Marquis  3 metre square available for added undercover space

  • Facilities for snacks and tea or coffee available.

  • On site parking available.

  • No Dogs or animals allowed  on the property

  • All children must be accompanied by adults at all times

  • Temple Byron reserves the right to cancel any bookings after giving reasonable notice

                                      House rules Click Here


 Shoes are to be removed on entering the Hall or Yurt

 NO food or teas or soft drinks to be taken into hall

 Water bottles must have screw tops

 Children to be attended at all times 

 No animals allowed

 NO candles, naked flames to be lit in Hall or Yurt

 NO loud music or cathartic screaming etc 

No Nudity, Drugs or Smoking Allowed