World Oneness Day 2007


Also Called World Peace Day, Global Meditation Day, Global Oneness Day
Think Globally, Act Locally is a term reportedly coined in 1969 by David Brower of Friends of the Earth.

On this World Oneness day of May 20th 2007 there will be many thousands if not millions of people the world over holding their own special ceremonies for world peace, harmony and oneness.

The effect on consciousness of this World Oneness Day will be measured by the folks at the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University (see

World Oneness Day at Temple Byron bought together many of our locals from our community in a harmonious celebration through Music, Mediation & Deeksha the feeling amongst all was that of peace, love and all that is divine.

“I would like to especially thank the organizers of the event Zenith & Friends for their all inspiring unconditional love” Thank you