Sustainability Research Institute brings to the Byron Shire an experiment:
 The Will of the People Project.

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The People are the Sovereign collectively. This makes us the Government
and the structures of government administration we create are our
servants.  It's universal knowledge that a politician's duty is to
implement the "Will of the People."  We, the People, mustn't be afraid of
ourselves either on a local level or a global level to exercise that
authority now that we can.

Using the newly developed internet-based technology as
the hub of the decision-making process, it's time for those who can take
action to take action.  This is the Global Call for Collaboration.

The objective of the Experiment is to track the progress of how the
informed within the Byron Shire can organize themselves, and how the
People themselves can determine the exact requirements for a decision,
made by an acceptable number of them, to be formally known as the 'Will of
the People.'  Once this process is successful, it can be used as a
template by many other communities around the world.  This must be done
since we are beginning to understand the reality that world peace is not
possible unless we make it so from the grass roots upward.

The People must be politically matured enough, as well as having
sufficient trust and faith in ourselves, to recognise that an informed
decision made by only 1% of the population would be more representative of
the People than a decision made by very few elected officials.  Our
society has already accepted the principle of twelve jurors making life
and death decisions in a court of law, and nine councillors making all
Byron Shire decisions; therefore, how many amongst us can we trust to
create the 'Will of the People'?

The makeup of this potentially very small, responsible and self-chosen
community group is different from the elites that we have historically
allowed to make all decisions on our behalf; and it's very much different
from a self-proclaimed group claiming to speak for the majority for two
reasons.   There is no restriction to participation in the group (other
than any restrictions the overall community places on it).  And
participants must be recognised and accepted by the majority as being able
to make sane and intelligent decisions.  This is accomplished, in part, by
participants co-creating qualifying questions.  The qualifying questions
guarantee a minimum level of understanding in any issue before any
community members are allowed to vote on the issue. We need to create an
informed consensus (not the same as unanimity).

Ricardo Johansson

Byron Shire Symposium Network
0417 489 293

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