What is on in 2016

 Regular Weekly 

  Astrology Readings with Paul Margolin
Paul uses a unique combination of Western and  Vedic Astrology give a comprehensive interpretation of  the Birth Chart , life cycles and future transits Currently booked out with a waiting list - Sorry
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John Allan  John Allen Buddhist group 

 Every Monday 6.30pm-8.30pm

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 Byron Mindfulness Meditation
Every Tues 7.15pm - 9 pm

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Women's Sharing Circle

Every Teus 7.30pm-9pm

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Kundalini Yoga with Natasha
Tues  9.30 am 
Frid 7.30 am

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Group Healing from the Divine University 
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Every Wednesday 6-7 pm

Healing Meditation
Wed Nights 7.30pm
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  Dru Yoga 
Every Thursday 9.30am - 11.30am

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  Astrology with Varij 

 Every Thursday 6.30-9.30 pm
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  Cosmic Classroom
 New dates coming soon
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  Janardan, Ayurvedic Massage,Yoga      Raw  Food  

Sessions available at Temple Byron

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Liz Kerley Transpersonal Counselling and  Biofeedback
Energy Integration Health counselling using SCIO and Orion Vector biofeedback machines to explore total and complete health.

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  Numerology classes with Lois Hunt 

  Who am I? What is my destiny?
  New Dates Coming Soon
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  Passion Flamenca 

Flamenco and Popular Spanish   Rhythms

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 Coming Workshops

WOW - Womens Beautiful Am I Rereat
5 Nov 2016
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Shanti Mission Meditation
With Dean Coupland
2 Nov 7.30pm

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Meetings and  Retreats

Gangaji and Eli
Nov 11-Dec 4 2016

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Michaela Boehm
Intimacy & Relationship
Teacher Trainings
May and Oct 2017
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Kabbalah of Light Meditation and Teaching
with Orna Triguboff

Nov 3 & 4 2016

Other events NOT at Temple Byron 

 Conversations with Robyn: Special

Paul Margolin,Deb Webber,Ananara Zolta & Louise Laffey

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See Paul's TV Interview with Robyn