Testimonials for Varij

“Thank you Varij, for your integrity, compassion and wisdom. I was mightily impressed with your observations, which rang bells delicately and positively jangled a few too. As a result I have a focus to channel my energies and as much patience as I choose. Really, the reading was quite revealing and full of useful information. I am very grateful.” - Grace Knight 

“I found your session incredibly uplifting, affirming and inspiring. You showed me the possibilities that await me if I can stick to my guns and be true to myself. The time is now type stuff and it all rings true” – Jaz  

“Varij is one of the most insightful astrologer/ counsellors I have come across. If you are lacking inspiration or direction I can’t recommend him highly enough.

                                                   - Donna Duggan, Editor Well Being Magazine

“Your reading was excellent, really insightful. I felt you gave me a wealth of information and the timing was spot on. Also my friend Cheryl Bowlan really appreciated her reading and gleaned a great deal from it. She was very moved and contemplative when I spoke to her a day or two later. ”   – Kym Thomas

“I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. So far everything you said was going to happen basically has fallen into place. More importantly, the guidance you gave me was really useful in the events that did occur.” – Denise

“Thank you for all your wonderful, sage, generous gifts of insights about me and my life and the way of things. They have had a considerable impact and I have reflected many, many times on your words and the message they conveyed” 
                                                                                          – Melinda Hopkins

“I have been to so many mediums and astrologers over the years who have told me nothing of use to me, but you were so very different, you seemed to know me so well, I can’t stop thinking of what you told me” – Wendy Taylor

“I was much impressed with what you saw and said, certain things you tactfully hinted at, became clearer later”  - Fiona Winter

“A big thank you to you, messenger from the universe, for telling me things I really needed to hear. It’s all really relevant and has given me much food for thought.” –                                                                                       -Jassmine Kharbat

“You impressed us so much with your reading that my partner Yvette now has a new career goal. To interpret the universe via numbers and astrology!
                                                                                        - Michelle Rogers

“Thanks a lot Varij. The reading was insightful and inspiring.” – Erin Curtis

“Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was the most insightful reading I have received and has helped me view myself more honestly and to take bigger steps on my journey of self-development and understanding. It has certainly opened my eyes and my heart again. It was exactly what I have been searching for, it was a very special session.”
  - Simone Cotton

“I got an enormous amount of clarity from our time together. Thank you”
                                                                                          - Rebecca Tolliday

“I was inspired by your reading, and have been thinking a lot about some of the things you mentioned .. I felt very calm in your presence. Thank you.” 
 - Marcelle Steyn