The Temple Byron team

 Paul Margolin


Paul gives Astrology readings at Temple Byron and is involved in many forms of healing.
After spending decades in the business world, Paul's success has enabled him to create a magical space for all to enjoy and he encourages all forms of spiritual practice at Temple Byron.

Paul is the leading Flamenco guitarist in the Byron region and regularly performs under various Flamenco group's including, Sueno, Passion Flamenca, El Bari and Arte Gitana. Paul began playing Flamenco guitar in 1971 and has spent many years studying in Spain and also performing in Flamenco shows around Australia.He currently is performing with his Flamenco group Passion Flamenca and Nomad Flamenco 

Paul also gives Astrology readings at Temple Byron and combines Western and Vedic Astrology together to give an insight into a persons Astrological Birth Chart.See the Testimonials and the links below to the film interview on Astrology recently filmed in Sydney on "Conversations With Robyn"

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Mona Van Dijk


Mona lovingly looks after Temple Byron.

A natural gardener and general caretaker, Mona lives on site and is involved in virtually everything that happens at Temple Byron

She keeps Temple Byron looking as beautiful as it always does

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Janardan Das

Janardan was Born in Katoomba, Blue Mountains and grew up on  a sustainable community in Uki (NSW) until age of ten.He then traveled to India (Navadviep, West Bengal) where he studied in the Vedic system and culture until he was sixteen. I studied traditional farming methods and lived on communities in upper NSW and also in south Australia.

Since my early youth I grew up with yoga and continue to practice along with other aspects of Vedic culture. I have always been drawn to Temples and been fascinated by the way Temples act as an embassy to the Divine.Byron Bay is definitely one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse places n the world and Temple Byron offers a non secterian sacred Temple space  which is so valuable and in sync with his beliefs.

Liz Kerley

Liz has had a lifetime of experience teaching and facilitating healing workshops and seminars worldwide
Liz offers health counselling using the SCIO and Orion Energy Intergration technology

Liz is available for sessions by appointment

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