I had the most amazing reading from Paul, it was incredibly insightful, it brought me to tears quite a few times as it so accurately revealed just what was happening for me in my life , and gave me great insight into both the challenges and the opportunities ahead! It confirmed what I already knew but was hesitant to act on, it felt like Paul was reading my mail!  Paul’s knowledge and intuitive wisdom, was both inspiring and heart felt... I was very grateful for the reading! And feel both informed and comforted by the information given....

Deidi Vine  xx

I need to let you know that the reading you did for me has had a profound
impact on who and how I am choosing to be right now.

So I want to acknowledge your skill not just in the realm of astrology, but
more significantly (in my opinion at least), your mastery of loving
connections. Your choice to live in a loving manner transmits and impacts
others in a very positive and powerful way. A straightforward sharing of
information from my chart would not have had the impact on me, that your
style has.

Michael Massey

Paul the straight arrow of love and truth
In my years of seeing Paul as my astrologer, friend  and guide I have been blessed to emerge from my times with him rejuvenated, clear and back on the path.
His strength, wisdom and unconditional love for me at all times have restored me in times of crisis and confusion. I have and will continue to recommend him to all.
Thank you Paul I love you dearly you are a blessing and an integral part of my spiritual journey.

Ruth Rich
Art Workshops Australia

Paul Margolin's astrology readings are nothing short of a miraculous 
heart-filled healing journey where the wonders of the cosmos become  
intimate guides to self-realization and fulfilment."

Grant Wolf
Director Yogabc Sydney

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to say yet again...thank you so much for your wonderful talents, skills , time and energy in regard to my transit reading etc the other night.
So much made so much sense...and so much felt so right on all levels.
The energetic resonation that has occurred since is quite profound and ongoing....and had not realised spending that time with you and listening to your words and seeing the info....would  also create such a healing paradigm within.
Look forward to connecting with you again and becoming all that the potential of my chart and transits have offered.
much love

Robyn Walker

I've had a few astrology readings with various astrologers around the
world.  Astrology is a powerful medium for self-awareness and
self-love and a lot of how the information can be helpful is dependent
upon the person doing the interpretation.  My overall experience with
Paul is that his readings are meant to empower the client so that the
client can walk his/her path more effectively.  Paul speaks in a
language that I can understand and he's compassionate with what he
says so you feel that you can trust him.  Paul is gifted at his
readings, he's a gifted human being, and out of any reading I've ever
had, his has given me the most tools to use on my path for the rest of
my life.  Thank you Paul

Cat Kabira

Paul Margolin is one of those unique individuals who can have a life changing effect on you, without him realizing it. I had my 1st astrology reading from Paul aged 60 years. My immediate reaction was, this will be good. So many things Paul was reading in my stars really hit home. How he knew what was in my heart, soul and dreams was so impressive. nothing short of miraculous. There has to be a divine power out there.....Being told you have a purpose on this earth, and the passion of Paul's belief in the stars and what he is reading, radiates the same passion in you that you can fulfill your dreams was what I needed to hear. 
    Explaining your reading, the background Paul goes into and what the future holds for you is so inspirational and mind changing. You walk away with a new lease on life, a belief in yourself and that your future will be awesome, it is all up to you. Since my reading, I believe every day is a gift to use wisely and that anything is possible. I am doing things now that I would never thought possible, all due to Paul.
Thank you Paul, for giving me the encouragement and the passion to go full steam ahead and for putting me back on my life journey path that I was meant to follow. I cannot recommend this man highly enough.

Heather McCallum Diversional Therapist

Hi  Paul just dropping you a line to say thanks again for the informative reading .Your delivery was warm and professional whilst being relaxed and friendly resulting in a refreshing, informative, timely and very insightful experience for me. 

Thankyou Jules

As far as I’m concerned, Paul Margolin is not only a master astrologer, his practical approach to individual personalities, as in my case, only highlights how finessed the level of his service is.

 I always mention Paul whenever I discuss major turning points in my life over the last several years. He practices what he preaches and has been inspiring to say the least.

Definitely not a waste of money or time.
George Smilovici
 ( Comedian/Actor/Musician)

An astrologer who works deeply with his intuition as well as the science of his craft.  Able to inspire great passion, clarity and relief in a single session.  Willing to get to the essence of the client’s question by cross referencing all the planets information.  Inspiring, enthusiastic, warm and generous applicants only need apply.

Paul Margolin

I have met many people who claim to be able to read charts, do 
astrology, etc., but i have had only a few actually do so.  I was 
beyond pleased to have paul read my chart--he's sharply intelligent, 
focused, knowledgeable and entertaining as an astrologer and pure 
individual.  He does his homework and it really shows!  I would 
highly recommend hiring Paul if there is even the slightest desire to 
have your chart read.   --

Marci Anderson, April, 2009

Dear Paul,
Thank you for reminding me of all I have to look forward in the next few years. I feel uplifted and inspired. I re-read notes I took when we first met and you told me that all my relationship drama would be over by July 2008!! And so it is… Given what you have told me about 2009, 2010, and beyond, I can hardly wait. I will let you know what unfolds. Thanks again for you love, support, and insights.

I have met many astrologers in my life and have only had a few actually do a reading for me. Paul's energy is not only warm and inviting but also extremely focused, and this made my reading go comfortably and also relaxed.  Paul is refreshingly intelligent, and delivers accurate information from the galaxy surrounding us in a palpable and enjoyable manner. I will not seek any other astrologer from now on!

Paul is always so right!!! There are people out there who do not believe in Astrology and it's because they have not met him..
I first met Paul over 3 years ago and his readings have been remarkably precise.
Whatever county Im in Paul can predict what will happen, he helps me understand myself and my external influences.


"Having a reading with Paul is quite an experience,He discusses almost every aspect of your life with such an incredibly informative and all knowing  understanding way, you are left wondering how this man knows so much about you,  from the little information you have given him.Talking with you as a gentle and concerned friend, alternating with moments of stern advice, Paul makes it completely understood that the future is in your hands, but this is what your chart is telling him, and you would be wise to heed his words.
If he makes a prediction about your future, be sure to take heed, because he has an uncanny knack of being right.

This man lives, breathes, and talks astrology as easily as you or I would discuss the weather; he doesn’t have to think about what he is seeing in your chart,
it is as if he is looking at snapshots of your life and his only concern is in passing on all the information to you in the short time you share with him,
which more often than not, runs overtime.
Paul is an incredibly gifted Astrologer that will leave you with a sense of awe and astonishment, but above all, give you a clear understanding of the direction you are heading in your life… "

Chiron Aesir

Thank you Paul for a most wonderful interpretation of my birth chart and upcoming transits from 2009 - 2014 and beyond. Not only have you verified what I know and feel within myself, your skills and knowledge has also provided an amazing healing component on how to bring in the full potential of my chart.
As we know, we all have free will on whether we follow our destined path or whether we choose to keep playing small via ongoing emotional dysfunctionality.
I would wish everyone to have the benefit of your grounded and insightful gifts.
many blessings

I have met many astrologers in my life and have only had a few actually do a reading for me. Paul's energy is not only warm and inviting but also extremely focused, and this made my reading go comfortably and also relaxed.  Paul is refreshingly intelligent, and delivers accurate information from the galaxy surrounding us in a palpable and enjoyable manner. I will not seek any other astrologer from now on!