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Tanishka, author of 'Creating Sacred Union Within' and 'The Inner Goddess Makeover'

‘I’ll be sharing all my insights about how we can midwife ourselves through this transition phase into the New Earth by establishing conscious communities and why that is so important. I see the practice of circles as the foundation – as that is how we develop transparency, emotional maturity and communion with self and brother / sister and the greater cycles. In addition I will be explaining the ancient practise of Hieros Gamos (sacred union) complete with the Holy Grail – explaining how, through alchemical sexual union we will ensure a sustainable eco-balance of feminine and masculine on our planet.’

 You Will Also Gain Empowering Personal Insights, Including:

  • How to stand in your power as a man and live like a God!
  • How to feel 100% divine as a woman and live like a Goddess!
  • How to unleash your Soul Gifts and Find your True Life Purpose
  • Simple practices that will make your life easier and more pleasurable
  • Practical tips to access more energy and live longer
  • How to become multi-orgasmic
  • How to connect soul to soul with your partner

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Tanishka, author of ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ and ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’

N.B. Tanishka’s books will be available for sale & signing after her talk

What Others Say About Her Books:

‘Just reading the newest masterpiece of the incredible Tanishka, Sacred Union and having thousands of A’ha moments of clarity, acknowledging both my feminine & masculine & the journeys we’ve been on. Tanishka, congratulations, you did it again! Inner Goddess Makeover was eye opening, Sacred Union is mindblowing.’ Jaime

‘Every woman should read this book. It should be on every woman’s bookshelf!’- Lael

‘I’m afraid I’m becoming evangelical about your book. I’m telling every woman I meet they should read it!’- Lynne

‘I feel like I can’t thank you enough.’ – Liz

‘I’ve read my wife’s copy twice!’- John

‘GENIUS! I’m lovin’ it.’ – Michelle

‘It’s just absolutely wonderful, medicine for my soul in fact. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went back to get another book for a friend of mine and they had all gone.’ Christine

‘Tanishka, you have improved the quality of our marriage!  My wife has gotten so much out of your book and I just wanted to say thanks.’ Colin

What Others Say About Tanishka as a speaker…

‘Tanishka’s wealth of knowledge and sense of humour make for a remarkable experience.’ Luci Pyman, therapist

‘Tanishka’s work is so powerful & very much needed.’ Jangala G.Birrenjur. Shamanic Healer & Group Facilitator

‘What a fantastic teacher and bloody funny.’ Sheree Tozer, child-care worker

Tanishka is a natural & inspiring leader. She is driven to make a difference in the world around her which she does through empowering others, creating community & inspiring new leaders. I wholeheartedly endorse Tanishka in everything she does!’ Kane Alexander. Photographer & Artist

‘In twenty years as a naturopath in private practice I have never met a teacher like Tanishka.  She has knowledge and wisdom of someone far beyond her years, an open-heartedness that puts everyone around her at ease and a sense of fun that makes every moment with her joyful. Tanishka is an inspiration.’ Ingrid Borg. Yoga Teacher & Naturopath

‘This extraordinary young woman is destined for the world stage. Her perceptions are dazzling & her immense creativity is directed by a powerful intellect. In addition I can absolutely attest to her diligence, attention to detail and her deep personal integrity.’ Jen Powell. creator of the Shaman’s Journey

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