Are you intrigued by the hypnotic power of Sacred Geometry, and Past Life Regression?

Would you like to gain new tools to use in your healings, readings and meditation that amplify your energy, and take you directly to the seed of the issue you are working with?

Then come and join us for a futuristic, fun filled weekend of magic and mystery working with The Sacred Symbols of the Stars.

Channelled through The Galactic Goddess from Source, this powerful new healing modality will give you simple, yet profound new tools for healing and meditation.

Be some of the first to experience this love based energy frequency, working with many Star Races, your own Galactic Healing Team and the new 'Activational Healing Templates' the Sacred Symbols of the Stars.

This intensive 3 day workshop will consists of Meditations, Activations, Downloads and Encodements. Integrating these new energies into your unique human blueprint, beginning an acceleration of these new galactic frequencies within you.

Using the gift of Sacred Geometry you will be taken on a journey through the Chakras, cleansing and clearing away old programming to reveal your new Multidimensional Self.

Each attendee will be gifted with their own set of 3nd Series Sacred Symbols

* Unity
* Remembrance
* Star Light
* Enlightenment
* Solar-Ra
* Consciousness
* Evolution
* I AM Light
* Elevate
* Expansion
* Integration
* Forgiveness

What are people are saying about the Guardians of the Light Workshops?

"Pure bliss!"
"Holy wow! Loved it!"
"Absolutely mind blowing"
"Wow! That was the most awesome workshop"
"It really was such a beautiful amazing experience"
"Learnt so much about myself and most importantly for me
I found my voice!"
"I feel very honoured to be a part of this sacred event"
"Thank you Starina for yet another epic, larger than life workshop!"

A unique experience not to be missed!
With Love & Stardust