The Star Temple

Experiential Astrology Group

A magical community event held every Wednesday at Temple Byron at 6.30pm.

The Star Temple is a ritual journey to the sacred blueprint of your life, to face your shadows and heal the wounded soul. If you feel unloved, disempowered, resigned or lacking life fulfilment this process can help you find your true heart and courage and overcome obstacles to joy within and without.

By invoking the great circle of stars and the planets, inviting their archetypal presences to Earth, a magical field is created to aid your great journey towards soul healing. This enhanced field of beauty and light creates profound spiritual and magical transformation.

The group is facilitated by El Rah, an initiated magician and shadow healer, soul astrologer and experienced facilitator in shadow work. El Rah creates a safe, sacred environment for you to access unconscious, repressed and denied parts of yourself for the purpose of healing and self-empowerment. You will be gently guided through your feelings to access the wounded self and invited to reclaim your lost parts through your own hero's journey.

Each evening is unique and amazing as each soul chooses to dance in the starry wheel on their journey of empowerment and healing. Those that witness also experience deep shifts in their energy as the miraculous depths of healing take place and shadows from childhood and even before incarnation are lifted to the starry realms of light.

Everyone participates in the invocation and connection to their own planets and stars and may choose to go deeper in their own process of shadow healing and recovery. The process is self-initiated through gentle facilitation with your safety and care the foremost consideration.

What it is not

The Star Temple is not a place where advice is given or opinions shared. No one will read your chart or tell you what you should be feeling. You are not put on the spot, asked to perform, touched inappropriately or without permission. No one will judge you, shame you or hurt you in any way.

How to Join in

You are invited to enter this sacred space and experience a direct connection to the patterns of your destiny and heal the blocks to your self-fulfilment. Simply contact El Rah at or call 66884480 with your intention to participate and you will be sent more information and the Temple Rules and Agreements. Numbers are limited so you must RSVP and your contribution is $25 per night.

El Rah will also be conducting workshops to train more facilitators in the magical processes of this group and you are invited to find out more on his website at

May the light of the stars guide your soul on its heroic journey.

El Rah