Elemental Masterclass

Oct 28 and Dec 2

Elemental consciousness and the connection we have to all existence is not removed from us, yet rather it is continuously moving with us. 

What define's the connection is how we choose to flow or resist it. We can choose to come from a place of love with trust in humility, or we can resist with fear and ego.

How long a individual suffers is within a choice they control.

This exploration of awareness deep dives into the elemental platonic solids that binds all human experience with multi-universe awareness. Expanding and deepening the new light codes supporting individual, family, community and collective evolution and how each individual is in the self mastery seat of change.

Our ability to transcend, transform and heal illness starts within the spiritual body through to the soul, when our soul is aware of the elemental disease and disconnect it transcends the emotional and mental bodies through to our physical vessels. 

This workshop is a first of its kind globally, where the facilitator Sarah Jayne High Priestess of Mary Magdalene shares her intimate experience in full recovery from spiritual trauma, emotional and mental body disconnection to the sacred physical vessel where Sarah Jayne completely healed herself from a terminal systematic blood and blood vessel disease that western medicine could not. 

Sarah Jayne will share her insight into the very elemental energy she worked with within the five sense's of our earthly embodiment to transform, transmute and resurrect herself in wholeness with spirit. During this intimate exchange Sarah Jayne will cover mortality, life, humility, service, connection, trust with faith and the over aching omnipresent powerhouse that is LOVE. 

Sarah Jayne will share how she transformed her life in a very short period working closely with spirit to cellularly recalibrate and resurrect her physical body from her resolve on the elemental distortions she birthed into this life with, coupled with programming and projected blockages down to a cellular structure from past lives through to current presence in the now.

Sarah Jayne will share the depth of potency in how the participants can self heal in wholeness back to original divine blue print that is individual them.

Sarah Jayne comes from a true place of humility with the breathe of life she embodies knowing all too well how sacred life in human form truly is in physical mastery. Not only has Sarah Jayne overcome terminal illness, she has had 3 initiations to overcome physical death by surrendering in trust to her soul to lead her forward in faith with source creation.  

Only two and half short years ago, Sarah Jayne had emergency oxygen supply to support her lung capacity to function on a basic level. Sarah Jayne has learnt self mastery in healing that she is no longer terminal, in fact she is no longer even ill. 

In this first of its kind teaching, this workshop is for a individual truly wanting to transform the life force of source creation at a root sequencing though to physical mastery. 

Participants will expand awareness on divine union of self mastery through elemental connectivity on :

Emotional Awareness / Meridian Flow 
Metal Intelligence / Mental Plane / Programming
Physical Presence / Physical Embodiment 
Spiritual Evolution
Sensory Seduction with Inner Union

Participants will discover as a result of the teachings in this intimate master class that they will never energetically live life the same as a result from attending.

The core principles within the teaching are tangible and are open to anyone whom is ready to cease suffering and fall in love with the life they lead in physical mastery.

Participants will re-discover LOVES expression through the five senses of the human form, transcending the relational connection the participants have with ascension not as a outward experience moving towards the Ether, rather though ascending within the physical form on all elemental connectivity.

Participants will leave being profoundly aware of the cellular nuclei of consciousness surging through them as a direct extension to source creation. 

Sarah Jayne in this master class empowers the participants to truly transform the life they lead through feeling the honour it is to breathe life.

LOVE, unconscious love transcends all existence for its presence is so pure its miraculous healing synergy gifts healing in wholeness.

(Payable on the day)


WHAT TO BRING: Note pad for any note taking 

* Light refreshments will be available during the master class

Sarah Jayne looks forward to having you in sacred space

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