Akashic Record Traversing is an initiation in invitation in calling home an aspect of self that is desiring for soul remembrance in integration within the now.
Sarah Jayne is an international practicing "High Priestess of Mary Magdalene" whom travels the world teaching, guiding and mentoring individuals in various modalities of her ancient light incarnate linage.
Some of which are:
Light code activations
Cellular transformations
Resurrection of original diamond light soul blue print templating Divine masculine - Divine Feminine Sacred Unions
Tantric Embodiment

As a seventh generation medium clairvoyant, Sarah Jayne takes participants on a journey deep within the Akashic Records via a traversing of crystal sound bath healing, light language and medicine drum using the gateway of "Light Chamber Crystal" to unlock hidden inner doorways of the individual Akashic template of each participant to re-discover aspects of self that wish to be re-birthed integrated into cellular consciousness within the now.

What participants will discover:
During the traversing of soul aspect retrieval, often participants of this meditation journey call in home back into the heart and higher heart resonance in remembrance activated divine gifts, accelerated healing awareness, clarity of soul path in service and higher heart integration of the original crystalline divine blue print in whom they are at core.
It truly is a unique offering working with intergalactic higher realm energies, "Ancient Masters", and star seed origins.

* Other than your sparkly divine self *
All participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat/mediation mat in addition to pillows or light blankets also maybe brought along for participants warmth and comfort. Please wear light loose comfortable clothing you can truly relax and breath easily in.

On the sacred energy vortex of TEMPLY BYRON in lush harmonic surrounds of Byron Bay, this gathering will be held in the YURT.
A vibrant energetic space offering tranquillity and resonance of love with healing.
Join Sarah Jayne in sacred space
To learn more about Sarah Jayne High Priestess Of Mary Magdalene and here work can be found via FB Sarah Jayne High Priestess Of Mary Magdalene or