Dance and Mediation 2007

With Shuyno and Marco  

Marco & Shuyno visited Byron Bay for the first time bringing their spiritual gifts to Temple Byron. They presented a meditation workshop with live music. The Meditations were from the ‘The book of Secrets’ ancient, yet timeless. 

Taking meditation into daily activities, using our sense of touch, seeing & hearing, as tools to relax, all in an atmosphere of celebration and dance.
Swami Veet Marco, musician and seeker of the unknown, in 1979 becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho and since then has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation.

Ma Prem Shunyo, in 1974 becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho, and has been living in close contact with him until he left the body in 1990.
She has written a book telling her experience of an ordinary life lived in the extraordinary silence that surrounds an enlightened Master.

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‘WHENEVER you meditate and you come upon beautiful spaces, immediately pray to existence: ‘Let my joy be showered over every being - conscious, unconscious. I don’t want any personal claim over it.’ Osho