Stop the mind chatter!

Do you ever feel it might be nice to have a break from your mind chatter? The continual loops and the negative self talk that pulls you down.
You know meditation could help but whenever you try, you get frustrated feel like it’s not working and want to give up. You have wanted to meditate for years but can’t seem to crake it? Isn’t it time you give yourself a little break?

Well then, Shanti Mission (Peace Mission) style of meditation could be for you, it just seems easier.

It’s guided, with music and chanting so it’s more enjoyable and relaxed. All mixed in a relaxed spiritual inclusive flavour that helps you get out of your mind.

The usual end result is you feel claim, relaxed and a greater sense of well being.
Release, relax and rebalance.

Offered by Dean Coupland of Unity House Byron
7.30pm Wednesday 2 November
Temple Byron
Approximately 45 minutes