Renewal of Faith / Recalibration of DNA / Resurrection of Soul with Spirit

This highly unique offering is a deep dive exploration of the energetic soul atomy into physical human mastery. 

We are individually being called to renew our faith in love with trust by recalibrating our sacred individual temples of light through to physical form in shifting the way we have a unique self explorational journey with our soul in human form. This workshop is not for the faint hearted as we deep dive into the core principles of resurrection on a cellular level allowing participants to invoke and initaite the original divine blue print that they uniquely are back to its origins.

In exploration participants will cover off the following:

- Crystalline Templating 

- Crystalline Grids

- Spiritual Plane

(Ketheric Body, Celestial Body, Etheric Template)

- Astral Plane

(Astral Body)

- Physical Plane 

- Emotional Body

- Mental Body

- Diamond Light

- Trinity Flame

- Oversoul 

- Founding 12 

- Anchoring Energy 

- Clearing Energy

- Seed of Life

- Chalice of Life

Integration is a key elemental focus as we navigate these new heightened ascension frequencies on a individual, community, global and planetary alignment continiously unfolding before us all. These teachings are elemnts of self healing in wholeness mind, body, soul with source creation life force consciouness. 

As participants deepen the innate internal wisdom into physical, emotional and mental application this workshop is truly about the multi faceted multi dimensional beings we are and how we best support our sacred vessels moving forward in wholeness. 

Energy Exchange: $125.00 PP

This unique offering will be held in the Yurt within the grounds of Temple Byron in Byron Bay upon sacred energy vortex's that support and accelerate the teachings of this ancient wisdom.

Participants are invited to come with a open heart to surrender in allowing new higher galactic teachings to be activated within them at a cellular level in remembrance of whom they are at soul core. 

Light refreshments will be available on the day

Participants to bring own note pad or journal for note taking on the day, small hand book will be given out to participants attending.

Look forward to sharing scared teachings with you,

Sarah Jayne High Priestess of Mary Magdalene

Sarah Jayne is a International Seventh Generation Medium Clairvoyant Psychic / Master Energy Healer / Galactic Light Grid Activator / Ascension Cellular Accelerator Guide / Sacred Union Tantric Facilitator 

+61 0400 113 110