Collective awakening through heart centered group coherence

with Rita Cramer

Rita’s awakened presence assists you to activate awareness of unity consciousness, your fundamental beingness and innate joy where you feel, think and act from the embodied knowing that you are one with everyone and everything. 

The amplified field of heart centred group coherence offers an opportunity to become authentic with the arising thoughts and emotions within a safe environment.
By taking space and in turn others holding space for you, all your parts will be seen, felt, heard and witnessed in unconditional love.

You’ll be guided in self-inquiry, to bring the unconsciousness into the light of awareness and thus develop the capacity to express what is in the field of your awareness.  

The breakthrough into unity consciousness occurs through the entrainment caused by a combined heart space, in which all defences melt and unclaimed emotions emerge into a unity of Love and Joy.
This is an ecstatic continuous practise of radical self-inquiry, based in love, honesty, trust and compassion for yourself and others which will extend your emotional range, liberate your mind and activate your life force. 

Open group every Wed from 6.00 pm – 8pm

         Temple Byron 46 Melaleuca Drive   Fee: $20                        

“Rita’s joy, insight and compassion light the room as she guides participants through a
personal journeys mirrored in the collective. The intelligence of this work is astonishing,
as well as experimental and life changing." (Stephanie Dale Author, Journalist)

"I instantly felt an intimate connection with Rita within the safe space of the group. The power of the group was astonishing; I appreciated the authenticity and simplicity of the workshop. It was extremely transformative, as it brought awareness and shed light on deep embedded patterns and beliefs I was holding on to. I am forever grateful for your work, in its purest simplicity and it goes beyond any personal healing. I have ever experienced." (Corinne Woodward France) 

Rita is also available for a healing or reading session.
 Please call her on 0438 733 127