Paul Margolin Astrologer

Paul Margolin is a consulting astrologer and conducts readings at Temple Byron by appointment. Paul combines Western Astrology with ancient Vedic Astrology in his readings and uses a unique method of incorporating very different forms to give a very comprehensive and deep interpretation of the birth chart, life cycles and future transits.

Paul sees the birth chart as the Souls roadmap in this lifetime and is able to give

some direction and insight into your own unique journey. The chart can give us a clear idea of ones potential and a possible time frame as well. Astrology is an amazing tool of understanding and one that can help us all to “fine tune “ how we navigate our life’s path.

Each reading takes between 2 to 3 hours. There is another shorter transit reading which takes around an hour or more and concentrates on present astral conditions and immediate future transits coming up in the chart for the individual.

Paul also participates in the regular Astrology nights held every Thursday in the yurt at Temple Byron. He also offers a huge variety of written reports on nearly every aspect of our charts and of our lives at any particular time. From full interpretation of natal charts, compatibility, monthly and yearly reports, relocation and many others.

These comprehensive written reports  can give much needed information during important times and in some cases can be relevant for a lifetime.  Prices do vary depending upon the size of the report ; ranging from $10 - $25 each , after any 3 reports , the 4th is free. All we need is your name , date of birth , time of birth and town and country of birth.

Contact paul at for an appointment 

Click here to order written reports   

There is also an option to have a combination of these reports collated and bound as a beautiful gift idea. A list of available reports listed below:

General interpretation reports

• Merlin Full Natal Interpretation Report   • Astro Insight and Life Path Report 

 • Solar Fire Full Natal Interpretation Report   • Hidden Messages Report

 • Vocational Guidance Report  • Cosmo Full Reading Report 

 • Vedic Full Interpretation Report  • Karmic Past Life Report

 • Profile Category Scores  • Karmic Insight Report  

Compatability reports   

 • Compatibility and Conflict Report  • Compatibility Profile Scores

 • Heaven Sent Synastry Report  • Full Solar Fire Gold Synastry Report  

Forecast reports   

 • Firdaria Life Cycles Report    • Monthly Forecast Graph

 • Long Term Transit Report  • Kepler Future Transit Reports

 • 13 Moons Lunar  ( Monthly ) Report   • Solar Return ( Yearly ) Report 

 • Short Term Transits Report  • Monthly Transit Calendar

 • Lunar Progression Report   • Advanced Forecast (daily)Report

Relocation reports   

 • World –Wide Re-Location Report   • Astro-map (locational) Report

Other reports   

  Harmonic Insights Report  • Music of the Spheres (harmonic) Report

 • Naughty Natal Report  • Midpoints Report

 • Sabian Symbol report  • Numerology Report 

 • Health and Wellbeing • Imperial Astrologer ( Chinese)