"Real compassion kicks butt and takes names, and it is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this fire, then find a new-age, sweetness-and-light, soft-speaking, perpetually smiling teacher, and learn to re-label your ego with
spiritual sounding terms. But stay away from those that practice real compassion, because they will fry your ass, my friend." - Ken Wilber .........................

One way of summing up the amazing and unique Path of Love process, now in 10 countries Next Path of Love in AUSTRALIA August 3rd to 10th at Ballina Beach Village (there are only 6-8 places left) If you want to know more please check out our website www.pathoflove.net And.....

We offer FREE INTRODUCTION EVENINGS Byron Bay this Sunday July 1st @ 6.30 pm Temple Byron Yurt, 46 Meleleuca Drive with Alima and Samved Contact australia@pathoflove.net or 0432 291913

Brisbane @ 7pm Tuesday 3rd July 43 Macquarie Street Teneriffe with Samved Contact Peter 0412 157922 or email pmcknoulty@hotmail.com

Sydney Monday 16th 7.30pm 28 Sophia street, Crows Nest. Contact Denise 0419 405052 or denisecook@ozemail.com.au

And in Melbourne Awakening of Love July 20th-22nd with Samved and Devi https://www.facebook.com/events/392154547504164/

This is an introduction weekend to the full 7 Day rite of passage Process
“To be on the Path of Resignation was how I entered the Path of Love. If there is another Process that can expose self doubt, self recrimination and inadequacy in all ways - if there is another Program that can neutralize anxiety, guilt and repression - if there is another way to let go of blame, shame and incessant judgment of self and others, go for it! The Path of Resignation is the path of not showing up for life. The Path of Love is totally and utterly reconnecting with Life and its essential nature of Love. Love for self, love for others, love for all beings, Universal love.

An unimaginable gift!” - Steven Cohen MD, M.P.H Professor and Chief of Dermotology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, visiting professor Yale University USA “Explore the mystery of the Path of Love and you will discover a beautifully crafted spiritual process, which, at its heart, is a most glorious journey into the self. Skillfully delivered in a nest of abundant safety and care. Conducted with exceptional grace and professionalism. A divine experience!” - Gregory Pearson Psychiatrist Australia Much love Nyck Jeanes Organiser Path of Love Australia

australia@pathoflove.net www.pathoflove.net + 61 432 291913 PO BOX 447 BYRON BAY 2481 Skype Nyck Jeanes "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain"