Byron Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesdays in Yurt 6.45pm-8.45pm

BYRON MINDFULNESS-INSIGHT MEDITATION SANGHA is proud to offer mindfulness and insight meditation gatherings with Pairoj Brahma. 

This weekly class follows a practical format, providing meditators an opportunity to take part in a silent sitting and guided meditation, followed by a short tea break, a talk on Dharma, and a themed discussion.  

Pairoj conducts sessions every Tuesday at the Mongolian yurt at Temple Byron, with the occasional guest Dharma teacher.  Classes are held from 7:15pm to 9:00pm, with the option for meditators to sit in silence from 7pm.  There are no fees involved, but donations are gratefully accepted, as they assist with rent, tea, and in supporting the teacher/s.  Bookings are not required and all are welcome to attend.

  Pairoj Brahma
Born in Siam, Pairoj was a forest Buddhist monk for 12 years and has been actively involved in socially engaged Buddhism both here and abroad.  Having practised mindfulness-insight meditation for over 30 years, Pairoj has held numerous meditation courses for both adults and children in Siam, India, Europe and New Zealand.  As a formally trained Waldorf/Steiner teacher, he has been involved in Anthroposophy since 1996, and has educated young children in alternative schools for 20 years.   

Pairoj is an accomplished, passionate, and compassionate Dharma teacher who loves the diversity of meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life.  He embraces the opportunity to share dialogue on life and love, and to encourage and support others in finding their truth, freedom, love, and compassion.  Come meet him at the yurt

Andrew Kitchener
With 35 years experience researching and teaching Intuitive Meditation, Andrew Kitchener draws on Eastern Yogic and Buddhist philosophies and practices, both ancient and contemporary.  His calling as a meditator and philosopher first emerged in adolescence as he travelled around Australia with only a backpack and a dog for a companion.  Exploring and walking through remote forests and mountains, Andrew contemplated life's meaning through 'gentle concentration and peaceful absorption'.  This calling was later defined in his 20's as the profound realisation and knowledge about 'self and existence'.  

Having written numerous articles and books, Andrew's meditative teaching reflects his belief that love and freedom are found through one's own inner realisation of self.  Those who attend his guided meditation class gain insight and knowledge toward deep self-awareness.  Through open discussion, they are given the tools to manifest a fulfilling experiential journey, reflective of their life's calling. They are encouraged to learn and to practice allowing their intuition to guide them toward clarity of mind, so they might be 'a light to others'.  As an accomplished Intuitive Meditation teacher, Andrew inspires those who attend his class to become aware of the peaceful silence of the heart, and to realise that every moment is a blessing and gift beyond measure.  

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Contact: 0426 119 171, 0423 241 916

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