Thursday 17th March

Tantra Information and Practice Evenings for 40-65 year olds

Open to couples and single people.

These evenings provide teachings on Tantra and sexuality, and the opportunity to practice beginners and intermediate exercises in a safe, supportive environment.
The evenings are specifically designed for people in the 40-65 year age range, who are seeking this type of sexual information and exploration, but may be put off by events with much younger people. 
The evenings are safe and playful, educational and juicy. There is no nudity involved. All exercises are optional and participation is to your personal comfort level.
Tantra emphasizes relaxation, enjoyment, connection. Tantra is about truly honouring yourself, others and the whole of life. It is both respectful and wild.
Tantra is about the movement of energy through breath, sound, movement.
It is beautiful. It is healing. It can bring you back home to yourself and the other, with simplicity, pleasure and passion. It restores your confidence and vitality.
The Greater Truth

Tantra is, in fact, an ancient spiritual practice on the path to Enlightenment. It is deeply purifying.
The wonderful benefits mentioned above are, in fact, fortunate side effects. The greater truth is that as you learn to relax, connect and energise the flow of energy through the energy centres in your bodies, Tantric practice can open you to total Oneness.
These expansive, ecstatic states, experienced through the merging of energies in Divine Union with another, are profoundly Spiritual. They are glimpses of your True Eternal Nature, and the Nature of all things.

Cost: $40 pre-paid or $45 at the door, numbers limited, bookings essential.

Current dates: March 15, April 5th and 19th

For Bookings and information call Martina on 0432 322 998

In 2018 Martina will be running several other group programs, each focussed on healing the collective through healing the quality of our interpersonal relationships. Topics covered will include how to Let Love In to your life by discovering and transforming your subconscious beliefs and patterns, Loving Communication, Vibrant Sexuality and Overcoming Co-dependency.

Facilitator: Martina Duel

I am a qualified Counselor and also a Physiotherapist. I have been on a path of personal growth and healing for close to 30 years. 
My desire is to promote healing and understanding in relationships of all kinds. It is to heal the artificial divides between our heads, our hearts, our bodies, our spirituality and our sexuality. It is to promote authenticity, health and happiness in the lives of as many people as possible. And it is to restore the wisdom of body knowing, heart wisdom and intuition to their rightful place as valid and valuable forms of knowledge
Early in life, I became particularly interested in human consciousness and relationships of all kinds exploring this initially through Buddhism, authentic movement and energy work. Later  through my own family life, education about raising children, healthy bonding and the stages of human development, through Non-violent Communication (NVC), trauma theory, yoga, sacred dance, the perspectives and wisdom of various spiritual traditions, participation in and leading of women’s well-being groups and workshops, spiritual sexuality teachings from several traditions, the most profound for me being the Shangpa Kagyu lineage and Quodoushka teachings, and eventually a diploma in Counseling. 
My path is an embodied one that necessarily embraces all aspects of ourselves, mind, body, emotion, sexual and spiritual. This Embodied Spirituality is about bringing our deepest level of Self-realization into every aspect of our human lives. This way we expand as a whole being, with no part of us is ‘left behind’, in the dark, where our Shadow can hide because we have not shone the light of Consciousness in there.