13th -of October    5:30 pm- 8:50pm

Subject: Workshop and Introduction to the Chi Ball(tm) Method

Embracing Change and Healing Movement
Come along and experience Changing energy levels
We will together explore a new way to a better health and fitness in a supported and nurturing environment.

What? Is the Chi Ball Method tm
It is a Holistic mind and body exercise Programme that unquincly combines the theory of traditional
Chinese Medicine, Colour and Aromatherapy and a Synergy of six Ancient and Modern movement
Disciplines: Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Chi Ball Dance,Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais method relaxation, Body Mapping,
and Guided Meditation.

The healing nature of the programme is directed thorough the use of coloured Aromatherapy ChilBall tm, in fused with six different mood.

The programme is enchancesing essential oils, easily adapted to suit all ages and all levels of abilities.

The Benefits of the method:
*Trims T ones and detoxifies the whole body promoting weight loss.
*Improves Posture
*Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular Fitness
*Disperse Stress and Tension
*Boost your Immune System
*You will improve your ability to become self aware of your Physical, Mental and Emotional State.
*Allowing consistent Practise and of mindful techniques that restore balance.
*Rejuvenate the mind and spirit.

How will this Method do this:
Through different movements that directly have an effect on our internal organs, each relating to be in harmony with the seasonal changes.

* Programme Format:
Start Time : 5.30pm - Finish Time: 8.50pm

*Welcome: Introductions

Breath work to relax Participants.
Part One:
*Awakening our Feminine Power tm
In an individual and collective group format:
Introducing a supportive global network
Written exercise to complete writing your story
Take follow up home material

Part Two:
Understanding what it is, how it works, specific to TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Benefits:
Introduction to some methods of Meditation
Explore the Practice
Exercise and Practice of GRATITUDE and EXCEPTANCE

INTRODUCTION TO TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine:
The Four Aspects
The Five Phases of Energy
Understanding the Physical
Exercise of Yin and Yang Aspect bringing Qi - Chi Alive Exercise

The Philosophy of Oriental Exercise
The Healing Art of Qi - Gong
The Five Regulations
Form and Technique

Break 10 - 15 minutes. Refreshments

Part Three:
The Exercise: Name of Exercise Format: Release and Relax
Scheduled Time : 1 hour and 50 minutes including guided meditation
Exercise: Choreographed to Music

Entry Fee for Workshop: $ 60
Part 2 only for Workshop: $30
Concession: $20

You will receive written Material
Follow up via e-mail
A beautiful Organically scented and Infused Chi Ball with care instructions

What to bring:
A Happy Yin self
An Enquiring Mind
Anything you are attached to support
Comfortable clothing
A Wrap and
Bottle of Water

About your Facilitator (Guide)
Strive to always uphold Unity
Love , Peace for all sentient Beings
Holistic Teacher.

World Travelled ;Speaking Three Languages
A Good Understanding of International Culture ,                      
Educated Overseas and in Australia
Performing Arts School Victoria
Tertiary Education in physical science
FISAF International PT
Michael King Pilates Qualification             
PIA Format Pilates
Heart moves Registered Government Program ;Certified; incorporating :
Heart Patients, Diabetes ,stroke ,Multiple Sclerosis
Mental and Indigenous Health Group Exercise
Stretch Therapy
Older & Special Populations
Yoga in Daily life ,many more ,First Aid and Resuscitation
Fitness Australia Registered and Insured
Chi Ball tm Teacher including Meditation
Exercise Medicine Australia
Tai-Chi for Health & Falls Prevention Program; code;02601 FA 0613
issue date;10 February 2013.                      
Esoteric Student.                                                                                                                      

Currently under the guidance of Davidji Meditation Guru ,of Deepak Chopra, Also have gained Sanskrit name of Sangham from teaching @ Yoga in Daily Life, given to Marika by His Holiness Swami Maheshwarananda. Current Professional Memberships: Apma ,FITNESS AUSTRALIA,HEARTMOVES, CURRENT PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE -MARSH;UNDER LOYD'S OF LONDON, RE:VIVA CPR, HLTFA 301B;APPLY 1ST AID; HLTFA201A,PROVIDE BASIC EMERGENCY LIFE SUPPORT; HLTC PR201A:PERFORM CPR-INITIALCOMPLETION OF HLT21107-CERTIFICATION:EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE FIRST RESPONSE, Professional Memberships;HIS HOLINESS; THE DALAI LAMA, EVOLVING WISDOM -(EMPOWERING WOMEN),FIT-NATION ,CHIBALL-WORLD-tm, Timeless Wisdom Practical Application ,Hay House . Experience& teaching Specific Populations ,Rehabilitation ,Pilates ,Yoga, Postural Transformation ,Teaching & Guiding Meditation,Teaching Technique in all different Exercise Format ,Fitness Programs,Arts ,Life-Style Programs. OTHER QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE ; Workshop presentations ;Health & Wellbeing ;Fitness; Radio Experience (1998-1999), Corporate Image Programming ,Retail Management, Visual Merchandising ,Retail & Business Japanese; LVLH,Awards & Nominations-Excellence in the WorkPlace City of Sydney ;Presented by The Lord Mayor Councillor Franc Sator; 17th of October 1995 ;Nominated for Fitness Professional >2011;Fitness Australia, involved in charity organisation ;raised funds for Oxham through long distance walking .Business with Bays Water Fitness ;Registered as BaysWater Clinic 1997-1999. Interests **** ; I was involved with theosophical society and did many soul journey workshops through other teaching bodies ,my belief & inner knowingness has been a part of my life long journey ,I believe if we can nurture our children's open mind & innate ability to mindfulness joy love ,our world will be a new place ,a true place of higher consciousness & understanding for all humanity & beings . The Healing Arts & Sciences has Evolved to the most exciting times ever ,through this method of teaching there is a unified balance & an appreciation & respect for all life .Our ability to make small transformations ,transforms the world as Davidji says be the change to transform . My Interest in movement to understanding our energy levels .,Keeping & protecting our seas, rainforest's & all wildlife.Physics, Feldenkrais, all forms & studies of Healing through Meditation ,Our Higher Consciousness, connectedness to Spirit,Our Ability to Share our Knowledge with others ,giving of service . May we all Embrace Change. Activities ; Swimming , Bush Walking most water anything ,the practice of Yoga,ChiBall Disciplines ,Music ,Dance ,Reading ,Breath Work .

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Frequent contacts


Frequent contacts

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FOR ANY ENQUIRIES  PLEASE  CONTACT  ;MARIKA ON EMAIL :  Marika.cartwright@ g mail .com