Lois Hunt is a transformational facilitator using the science of numerology

A 6 Week Beginner's Course

NEW Dates to be advised soon

Who Am I?  &  What Is My Destiny?

Numerology is a metaphysical science of the cosmic vibrations creating in time and space. Learning how the system of numerology is calculated supports the realization of the impact that these cosmic vibrations are now having in the human consciousness.  Numerology can offer an awareness of the evolutionary pulsation within the intelligence of the Universe. The cycles of time within your personal life and within the evolution of the cosmos are now becoming a co-creative process, during a quantum time shift on planet earth.  

This numerology course is a transformational journey into your holographic body of light. Discover how you are choosing to create in this lifetime in order to support this historical shift in time, catalyzing a shift into higher mind. Harmonizing your frequencies is now a priority.
In this beginner’s level six week course you will discover your divine destiny and how to time travel in the harmonic flow of your life stream. We will explore your life challenges, as well as your universal support system.  Time has a purpose, and it is connected to your word, your name power at birth. Through the exploration of your name, you will discover your hidden nature, including your unique abilities, blocked energies, karmic tests and debts, and your soul’s desire.

 This course is designed for beginners.  All you need is pen, paper, a clip board and lots of questions about yourself.

The fee is $20 per class, or $15 if you pay for the whole course in advance.

  For information on future course dates and times contact Lois Hunt by email

Email:    loishunt@bordernet.com.au

Personal Profile  -  Lois Hunt 

Born in the United States, I left my homeland after graduating from University in order to fulfill a childhood desire to discover what was on the other side of the world.  In the Orient, I supported myself as a high school math and English teacher in the American military school. Then the adventure of the high seas enticed me to live on a sailboat for 4 years, eventually sailing me to the mystical land of Hawaii. In Hawaii, I became editor and feature writer of the “Arts Publication”, which highlighted the ancient Hawaiian arts and culture. 

   My love of the word and the science within numbers eventually led me into the exploration of the esoteric science of numerology. For the past 20 years I have served as a transformational facilitator using the science of numerology. Destiny brought me to Australia, where my quest for truth within the domain of metaphysics and my continued love of the power of the word culminated in a 9 year “Women Talk” radio program on BAY FM.  I transformed “Women Talk” into a program that explored spiritual and alternative truth, subjects that I love to talk about.

        I retired from “Women Talk” 3 years ago, to explore deeper within my own consciousness. My life journey now leads me into exploring the other side of the human conscious mind.  It is time to prepare for a quantum time shift on planet earth.

I hope to bring this pioneering essence into my transformational numerology course.

  It is a support group for those choosing to co-create with a new time, by harmonizing their life now.