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So what can the SCIO do for you?
It is a high-tech device that enables health practitioners to analyse energetic imbalances in the body. As it is the only device that can scan the emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. It is the most encompassing machine around today.

What is SCIO therapy?
• The SCIO offers a rapid comprehensive guide to healthcare
• Health education on the following: food, environment (pollens, chemicals, etc), flower essences, geopathic stress, auras, chakras
• Therapies include emotions as well as the spiritual:bio-resonance, emotional balance/growth, meridian balance, rife, colour, NLP, cranio-sacral/spinal, addiction release, chronic fatigue
Energetically the technology comprehensively covers almost any therapy or item you may wish to test.

What to expect at your consultation:
• You are not expected to wear any special clothing so long as it is not restrictive but is comfortable
• You will be connected to the SCIO by rubber electrodes on your ankles, wrists and forehead
• You will not need to remove any clothing, only any metal jewellery that may obstruct the electrodes
• The initial session can last up to 2 to 2  hours. It will start with a detailed history taking of your health together with an explanation of Natural Nutrition & its role in returning to health before the SCIO scans your body
• A 3 minute scan follows where you do not feel anything. It measures the evoked potential response of your reaction to approximately 9000 stimuli. The practitioner cannot influence the result in any way
• The electro physical reactions are then catalogued and displayed on the computer screen
• The SCIO can then be directed to perform a more detailed analysis of specific items or any of the numerous built in therapies
• At the end of the session you will take away a number of print outs that give you information and advice as to how    to change your lifestyle for the better
• It may be relevant to attend for follow up sessions to address specific issues


 The Orion System is a computerized instrument used to rapidly screen for a wide variety of energy imbalances within the body.

The Orion system gathers, records and displays energy readings from every system and organ in the body.

The testing procedure is simple and non-invasive. It uses a hand held probe  -  the shape of a pen and clips on the fingures the resistance to this small current is measured and displayed visually on the computer screen.
Both the SCIO and the Orion biofeedback machines can be used together in each session to get a clear picture as ways to maximize health and well being .

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Regular sessions at Temple Byron

Energy Medicine and some of its history

Over the last 40 years, Energy Medicine has become an extremely successful holistic therapy, practiced by thousands of practitioners and medical doctors worldwide. Energy Medicine, sometimes known as Vibrational Medicine is a rapidly emerging science, possibly to become twenty first century medicine. It enables practitioners to achieve fast and successful effectiveness with acute and chronic health problems.
Much of its origins stems from to the 5,000 year old Chinese philosophy of well-being, homeopathy and much research including: Albert Zent-Gyorgy, who was the Nobel Prize Winner of 1937 for discovering Vit.C. He found that electrons flowed through fibres in the tissue and that protons flowed through water. He concluded that a breakdown of this electrical communication was the source of all disease. Dr. Reinhold Voll in the 1950’s discovered a method of measuring electrons along the meridian pathways of the body. He also believed that a loss of communication and energy contributed to disease. Fritz Popp works with cellular light emission, he believes that degenerative disease can result when the coherence of light is lost and becomes out of phase.
Professor Bill Nelson developed the SCIO using state of the art technology and 3 decades of his own life’s work for us to be able to ‘eavesdrop’ on the body’s electric communication pathways and to analyse its complexity. The SCIO is the pioneer in Energetic Medicine.
There is not any practitioner involvement during testing. There is no comparable device.
Clearly because of the magnanimity of the assessment and therapy programmes, this technology can be used to benefit virtually all health conditions. It can also be advantageous in illness prevention and optimising wellness as it addresses all the stressors of the body - including the physical, environmental, spiritual, mental and emotional factors.

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