Spiritual Practitioner Programs ~2018

About our Program:

When we awaken to the essence of who we are we engage with quantum realities as infinite and boundless possibilities existing beyond the realms of the human mind. Our Program focuses on the embodiment of ones own emergence and how being in-flow with this continuous intimate and compassionate relationship with ones wholeness authenticates, unifies, stabilises and sustains you as the uniquely inspired natural human you are designed brilliantly to be as yourself.

This is the essence of in-flow relating and the healing process.

As spiritual practitioners we aim to hold a space, to free every human we have contact with, to be exactly as they are designed to be, and explore any parts of ourselves that may have resistance to that. As individuals we explore as well as commit the same level of dedication to our own unfolding. We formulate a deeper understanding by exploring the universal keys underlying the grand design of creation that are both mystical and metaphysical and transcend any need for intellectual context or application. By studying these keys and self organising principles of unity as well as committing to an intimate relation with ones own essential nature it is possible to learn from the inside out what it is to be truly human and the potential of the human mind that thinks with the heart and to centre oneself fully in life's wonder and greater purpose.​

Who is the Program suitable for:

Our program is a life changing wellspring of soulful immersion suitable for therapists, practitioners, teachers, counsellors called to expand and deepen new dimensions of their professional practice, and those individuals who feel called to presence a deeply fulfilling intimate relationship with their true nature and a compassionate observer of their own sacred emergence.

How does it work:

There are 2 Levels to our Program, Module 1 aims to provide the essential foundation as practice tools, study manual and Part 1 Survival Kit for the Spiritual Practitioner to assist in exploration and revelation underlying the Essence of In-Flow Relating and the Essence of Healing your Life. Module 2 aims to provide more in-depth exploration and study manual, meditations plus Part 2 Survival Kit for the Spiritual Practitioner for continued studies.

* Full Program details available on www.leaaangela.com ~ 0411529633