“ The power of Kundalini Lies in the actual  Experience.

It goes Right into your Heart and extends the Consciousness ,
so you may have a wider horizon of Grace, and knowing the Truth ‘
Yogi Bhajan

Natasha Welsh is a  KYTT qualified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher who resides in Byron Bay .
Kundalini Yoga is a  powerful and transformational practice suitable for ALL  and any  level of experience and physical capability .

The practice aims to increase self  awareness and  strengthen vitality ,to cleanse and detoxify  the  blood and organs, to clear energy blocks in the chakras  ,to calm and tone the central nervous system ,  bringing   tranquility to the mind and to bring about a general feeling of bliss and wellbeing .

The classes generally  consist of  pranayama [ powerful  breath work ] asana  [yogic postures] , guided mediation  and often mantra chanting.

“ Kundalini yoga is a  very  unique ,potent and divine  practice that has so many amazing benefits .
It has improved the quality of my life in so many beautiful ways.
It is a practice in pure consciousness ,and reconnects you to your pure potential ,it reawakens you to your true self.
I am delighted to  be sharing  this sacred practice  with you at Temple Byron .” 

ALL LEVELS WELCOME <MATS etc  PROVIDED > CLASSES 1.5 hours > COST ; $20 a drop in class 10 class package $160 

Contact ; natasha@natasha.net.au