So you’re keen to … (select from the following):

¢  Attain enlightenment

¢  Become empowered to gain fame and outrageous fortune

¢  Save the planet

¢  Liberate the oppressed masses and feed the hungry

¢  Be an agent of social change

¢  Win friends and influence people

¢  Get your mojo working, fire up your libido and boost your    sex appeal

¢  Kick ass, make a noise, and have some serious fun.


Whatever your hopes, dreams, desires or goals are, you can achieve them all.  But first, you need to put your own house in order.  And that means developing yourself, fully – mind, body and soul – in order to realise your potential and then fulfill your life’s mission.


What we’re talking about here is personal evolution – and the best step you can take on the path to coming in to your power and making your dreams real is the Kinergetix program.  Kinergetix provides you with the tools, knowledge, training, support and motivation to tune up your body, sharpen your mind, revitalise your energy, and put you back in touch with your true self.  After that, you can move mountains.



Kinergetix Movement Therapy (KMT) is a totally unique state-of-the-art exercise modality that has been thirty-five years in development, and is now introduced to Australia from Europe.  


The KMT system embodies a wholistic approach to health optimisation that has evolved from the marriage of Western biomechanical and physiotherapy sciences with Eastern bioenergetic and martial arts. 


In essence, KMT is dynamic meditation.  The programs consist of kinetic exercises that strengthen and reinvigorate the body, sharpen the mind, and put you back in control of your life.

Through Kinergetix you will learn to move naturally, fluidly, effortlessly and efficiently, whether at work or play.


KMT routines are performed at low to mid intensity and are suitable for everybody, regardless of age and physical condition.



You’ll not only feel better, you’ll function and look better too.

The benefits you can expect from Kinergetix include:

¢  Accelerate healing by fostering the body’s natural regenerative processes

¢  Prevent or manage a broad range of chronic, complex and ageing-related health issues

¢  Promote cardiovascular fitness, circulation and respiration

¢  Build core strength, stability, a supple waist and firm back

¢  Enhance balance, agility and coordination

¢  Aid digestion, regularity, lymphatic drainage, elimination and detoxing

¢  Boost immune system functioning

¢  Increase personal energy levels, vitality and libido

¢  Enhance mental faculties, tune up the senses and increase your awareness

¢  Promote longevity and enable you to enjoy a full and creative life


Of additional benefit, the sessions are safe, and are neither stressful nor overly taxing (whilst still being challenging).  And importantly, they are engaging, stimulating and fun.




WHEN:     Group session times are Monday evenings, 7.00 – 8.30 pm (commencing May 11th)


WHERE:  Temple Byron Hall, 46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay, NSW.


WHAT:     Programs are available in the following formats:


Group:  This program consists of 90-minute group sessions.  These are comprised of a 60-minute training session supplemented with a 30-minute presentation featuring health-awareness and educational measures, ergonomics, and risk-factor identification / reduction.


Other programs available:  (Please enquire for further details)

Individual:  Private sessions are available for all health concerns.  These comprise assessment of health, fitness, balance, coordination and functionality;  exercise prescription and training;  and, dietary recommendations.  Included in the program is identification of significant lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors.


Intensive Workshops:  Short (2-day) and extended (7-day) courses comprised of four 90-minute training sessions per day.  These courses are supplemented with evening presentations and discussions.


All interactions and transactions related to Kinergetix programs are premised upon professional standards of conduct, full compliance with medico-legal and ethics protocols, and strict confidentiality.


HOW:       Kinergetix is dynamic meditation, so be sure to wear comfortable, light clothing (and don’t forget something to drink).


WHO:       Kinergetix is suitable for everybody, regardless of age, fitness level or health status. 


COST:      $150 for 4-week program (Special introductory offer of $100 is available for a limited time).

If you’d like to try before you buy, you are welcome to come along and participate in a session.


REBATE:  Participants with chronic conditions and complex needs can be referred to Kinergetix under Medicare and are eligible for rebates on up to five allied health consultations per calendar year.


ACT NOW:  Yes - you can regain your vitality and freedom of movement, and resume control of your life and health.  Contact us when you’re ready to take real steps towards your personal evolution.  Just don’t leave it until it’s too late - if not now, then when?

N.B: Group numbers are limited; accordingly, inclusion is on a first come, first served basis.



Kinergetix programs are conceived and directed by the team of David and Eli Labuschagne.  David is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Allied Health Professional with a MAppSc degree in clinical rehabilitation.  In addition to clinical work, he works in the sphere of medical journalism and conducts research in applied physiology, biomechanics, bioenergetics, and ergonomics on behalf of tertiary and corporate institutions.  David’s partner Eli holds Master’s degrees in Science and Education, and has extensive teaching experience in the fields of adult, child and health education.


For further information about Kinergetix programs and services, email us via

You can also check us out online at and (EU site).


Kinergetix – we’re here for life!