A Kundalini Journey to Unleash your Divine Feminine

'A Kundalini Journey to Unleash your Divine Feminine' is coming to Byron on Friday, the 6th of July. We will be hosting our event at the magical Temple Byron. 🙏✨

What is this event about?

In 'A Kundalini Journey To Unleash Your Divine Feminine', we will work with sound, breath and Kundalini energy to reconnect with the Divine Feminine. We will embrace our feminine energy and open our hearts to step into our authentic power of love, creativity, intuition and inner strength.

❖ Part 1: Honouring

We will open our night in a Goddess Circle to share how the Divine Feminine expresses Herself in our lives, and what we can do to fully embody Her in our every day.

❖ Part 2: Preparing

We will use our breath and intention to welcome the Divine Feminine energy into our space and to prepare ourselves for an insightful Kundalini journey of self-discovery.

❖ Part 3: Receiving

It is time for the Divine to enter our bodies to gift us with deep insights and realisations. For this part of the evening, you will lay down on your yoga mat and close your eyes whilst Kundalini facilitator Katrin will touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body to transmit direct Kundalini energy. Spontaneous movements can and do arise. You may release emotional blockages which can be expressed by feeling heat or pressure in certain areas of your body. Whatever happens, trust that this is exactly what you’re supposed to receive at this given moment in time to heal specific aspects of your heart and soul. It’s an extremely loving and beautiful experience.

What to bring?

Ideally, don't eat too much before our events. Bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.


Friday, 6th July 2018

6:30pm to 8:30pm


Temple Byron

46 Melaleuca Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481


Online Ticket - $55

At door - $65

**Bring a friend offer - $90 ($45/ticket)**

**Only 12 tickets available!**

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Who facilitates this workshop?

'A Kundalini Journey To Unleash Your Divine Feminine' is facilitated by Katrin Suess. Part of Katrin’s soul mission is to assist women to reconnect with their Divine Feminine in order to step into their authentic power of love, creativity, intuition and inner strength. Katrin uses sound, breathwork and Kundalini energy transmissions in her Amuata workshops to accelerate spiritual growth. Katrin is an accredited KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) facilitator and has been personally trained by Venant Wong, Kundalini transmission master and founder of KAP. Katrin is part of the international KAP facilitator team and has assisted Venant in activating hundreds of participants in group sessions this year.

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