This workshop has been postponed by 2 weeks in order to increase the numbers and ensure a high quality group experience. It will now commence on Tuesday 27th February. 

The world is in a state of crisis. The underlying causes of this crisis are psycho-social in nature. They arise within our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. They play out in the ways we communicate, relate and behave. And they combine with each other to co-create our shared social reality of scarcity, competition and conflict. 

Meditative traditions contain powerful resources for cultivating awareness and understanding of these factors and for addressing them at their source - within our own hearts and minds. But such traditions are mostly limited to individual practice and personal liberation. The current global crisis presents us all with an ultimatum: to grow beyond service to self and come together to co-create a world that manifests our higher potential for love, wisdom and nobility. 

Social Dhamma is a Buddhist conceptual framework, which relates the inner world of meditation to the outer world of social interaction. It is not a theory, but a perceptual lens that focuses our attention on the factors most directly responsible for our shared suffering and our shared happiness. What are these factors? How do they arise, and what different forms do they take in each one of us? How do they play out in our social behaviour patterns? And how can they be addressed and resolved using the principles of Social Dhamma? If we can understand such things, we can choose to act accordingly. 

In this workshop series, we will use mindfulness and mindful communication to create a shared meditative space. Within this space, we will collectively observe the rise and fall of the various sources of social suffering (eg., attachment to limiting beliefs or conflicting agendas) and notice how they express themselves in our communication and relationship patterns. Also within this space, we will collectively observe the rise and development of our more noble qualities, and notice how these support an increase in group empathy, mutual understanding, compassion and love.

Step by step, we will engage in a collective meditation process, which uses mindful communication and collective self-inquiry to concentrate and purify the collective consciousness of the group. By taking our group as a model 'community', we will gain experiential understanding about how to consciously co-create the kinds of communities in which our common social problems can no longer arise and take root. 

As a special offer, I am offering a free 1-hour private session to each participant in this Conscious Community workshop series. In this session, we shall engage in a one-on-one mindful communication process to explore any questions or issues you may have, relating to the workshop material and its relevance to your life.


If interested, please contact Julian:

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(tickets available here, $145 for all 6 sessions)

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