The Consciousness of RELATIONSHIPS 

Receive Keys to understanding and empowerment in your relationships! How our consciousness and karma create our reality to be as it is and how to meet this with acceptance for the sake of YOUR OWN FREEDOM and LIBERATION!

Join Illumina Christos in weekly group sessions for Understanding how your Relationship Karma, and Contracts with others affect the manifestation of your relationship experiences in life.

Discover the most effective ways to balance karma and heal dynamics that create or perpetuate hurt and feeling unfulfilled.

Find out how this approach to life and consciousness unveils and grounds new levels of empowerment, fulfillment and connection to your own Source of Presence.

Remember, all of life is Relationship, not only your personal relationships with partners and families but with your universe; the world around you and how you interact with it.

The primary container for these sessions is Presence and immersion in the Super-conscious.  All will be guided and nurtured into the most powerfully nourishing state for One’s Soul and Spirit to receive higher truths about the nature of relationship.

Understand how unique this is for every individual and how to transcend the existing karma and patterns that have governed your life and relationships up until now.

You will receive personal healing and alignments through the group dynamic.

Over the weeks of coming together we’ll address the following and more:

•    Keys to understanding and empowerment in your relationships
•    What the different types of consciousness are that affect us as human beings
•    Binding contracts made between souls - why and how they are made and their power to bind us into circumstances that       ultimately serve us
•    The effects of the Collective Consciousness of humanity around relationship mindsets and what we are transcending
•    Feeling unmet and unfulfilled
•    Karmic rebalancing
•    Divine Timing
•    Forgiveness and freedom
•    Training to get you out of the feeling body and into reunion with spirit within
•    Your Source of Strength, Power, Vulnerability and Wisdom
•    Entraining the mind to not dip into negativity and why this is important
•    Projection onto others - your needs, dreams, desires and the sometimes impossibility of their fulfilment
•    Blaming and making another wrong, even if we perceive they are the one misbehaving
•    Holding the self with unconditional love and acceptance - the key to all freedoms
•    Weekly practices to apply to every day life for your growth and evolution

We invite you to attend
all or any evenings
that suit you.

Doors open 7.20pm -9.30pm
$20 from the Heart
per Session


It is such a joy to be with you on Wednesday nights, and to experience the deep transformation of my being in so many different ways  Yea !
I have had some major transformations in these last few weeks.
This is such a liberation of my past patterning.
I am so deeply grateful for the blessing of you and your work
Quite honestly, I take every opportunity to work with you that is available
A very deep thank you for sharing your profound expression of presence, profound guidance and pure love.
There is no greater gift than assisting the liberation of the being of another
All of this is truely from my heart
 I speak now, because sometimes I am in such a deep place after our evenings, that I am not able to speak.

Love Delicia