Working with Archetypes
for personal and professional development

Scheduled Workshops
Adelaide: April 20th-22nd at St. Columba’s Church Hall,
     101 Cross Rd,  Hawthorn  Fri. 6:30-9:30, Sat. 9-5, Sunday 1-5
Melbourne: June 16-17th, 9am – 5pm at Collingwood Library Meeting Room,
     11 Stanton St. Abbottsford (by train stop)

Byron Bay: May 12 & 13, 9:20am, finish by 5 at Temple Byron, 
      46 Melaleuca Dr. Byron Bay
Cost: $275; couple $500, incl. friends
Some of the insights you will gain in an interactive and reflective setting:
A clear outline of the key psychological archetypes and how they operate
A detailed view of how these twelve archetypes are working in your life at this time
An overview of where you are placed in relation to an archetypal development timeline
Clear insights into your strengths and ‘lead’ archetypes
Help with understanding your challenges, some which might be particular to current situations and some which might be ongoing challenges
Areas of imbalance (this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing when viewed in context)
Indications of destiny (task/purpose)
Suggestions of ways you could strengthen areas and address imbalances
An outline of the developmental challenges and tasks facing you at this time in your life
We will also explore typical or current problematic or ‘stuck’ situations which can be viewed and addressed through engaging archetypal energies differently.
Garry Gilfoy is a lecturer, author and counsellor living in South Australia

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