Family Constellations 2007
With Francesca Mason Boring 

At Temple Byron in October 2007 we had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable woman Francesca Mason Boring whom held a Family Constellations retreat.

Francesca Mason Boring
Francesca Mason Boring is a bi-cultural facilitator and trainer of Family Constellation.  An enrolled member of the Shoshone Nation, a Native American Indian Tribe in the United States, she is the author of FEATHER MEDICINE, Walking in Shoshone Dreamtime: A Family System Constellation, published by Llumina Press, 2004 and Coyote Dance, Llumina Press, 2005. Francesca has been published in the Systemic Solutions Bulletin, London, England, and the ‘The Knowing Field’. Fran has facilitated Family Systems Constellation in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore & throughout the Western U.S.

What is Family Constellations?
The workshop is a group of souls agreeing for their mind and body to be present in a sacred circle. The purpose of which is to tap into the collective, archaic and ancestral wisdom and energy of humanity, with a strong and experienced, loving facilitator, who is well equipped to hold the space and familiar with the latest cutting edge psychotherapeutic methodologies.

The experience and the new perspective, offers you a space to find peace and healing in the context of you in your family soul and the greater soul of humanity. This is a profound therapeutic, healing modality that may be an alternative to counseling or a complement to the therapeutic process. A private session occurs with you and the therapist.

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