Enneagram with Robert Bruce and Mackayla Chalmers

Directors of the 
 Enneagram Academy

Byron Bay April 18-20 2018

The workshop will explore the many facets, interconnections and uses of the Enneagram through discussions, practices and meditations. Through self-observation and self-understanding we will see the pervasive influence of our personality type on our relationships, our work and our home life. Through these insights we will come to know ourself more fully and be liberated to move towards more loving and fulfilling lives.

Enneagram Workshop

The workshop will be devoted to the primary goal of the Enneagram; to provide us with a broader perspective on our lives and to use these insights as a basis for personal growth and transformation.

The later part of the workshop will include some new and innovative frameworks, particularly the use of the Enneagram for radical transformation, for ourselves, and in coaching or counseling, for others. The workshop will endeavour to place the Enneagram within a broader psychological context, drawing on Jung's work with the shadow, individualisation and the transcendent function. There will also be some linkages to contemporary spiritual teachers.

The workshop will be of interest to anyone wanting to move towards self-knowledge, more fulfilling relationships and greater presence in our lives. It may be of interest to counselors and coaches in providing specific frameworks to facilitate transformational change.

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Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce describes his background and experiences with the enneagram:

I have been fortunate to spend most of my working life facilitating groups. For more than fifteen years I was Visiting Fellow, Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University and was involved in many hundreds of executive development programs and workshops.

My passion for the Enneagram was stirred when I discovered the profound insights it provided into my own life. I studied the Enneagram and related psychological approaches intensively and undertook my training at the Enneagram Institute in the U.S.

Since then I have offered many Enneagram workshops and continue to be amazed at the insights it provides to myself and others. My journey with the Enneagram has been inspired by the profound work of Don Riso and Russ Hudson, whose writing and teaching have provided a wonderful platform for psychological and spiritual development.

I have been deeply involved in personal and spiritual development for more than 20 years and the Enneagram clearly stands out as some of the most compelling and insightful work I have done. I am grateful to be able to work with such a rewarding and profound body of work.

The Enneagram is a powerful approach to understanding the psychology, emotions and behaviour of ourselves and others..

Recent Testimonials

In response to the question: "Did the workshop meet your expectations?":

"Yes. I wanted to gain understanding of all types, especially mine. This was very successfully met for me. It was a joy to attend and participate."

"Yes and more. As an individual and a health professional I found this workshop to be enlightening. It has given me the want/ will to explore myself further in an environment such as this."

"Above and beyond. I have gained so much insight into myself and behaviours and am excited to be comfortable with my personality."

"More than! The content is lovely. The sharpness of the Enneagram was enhanced by the supportive psychological materials. Thank you for the experience."


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Details and Registrations:

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