Master Rendo will offer workshops and Teachers training level 1.

Work shops: 1:30 hour session each 4 workshops altogether. Can be attend just one session or all 4 of them.

Teachers Training Level 1 : please see below

Master Rendo has been teaching this holistic healing method, originated in Japan’s sacred mountains to the general public and to medical professionals all over the world for over two decades. He has appeared as a Guest Lecture in New Life Expo in New York City, he has taught at the University of California: Santa Barbara college of creative studies, he also teaches regularly at the Return of the ancestors in Arizona as a “Elder” representative from Japan

☆Rendo's Advanced Holistic Healing Method Workshop☆
4 sessions altogether $50/each

Wednesday 17th Feb

1. 13:00~14:30 Basic healing method for release your body pain
2. 15:00~16:30 Sliming

Thursday 18th Feb
3. 13:00~14:30 How to improve your immunity
4.15:00~16:30 How to build up your physical potential

Private sessions are available after 17th 16:30 and 18th 16:30.
Booking is essenntial for private sessions. Please contact Eiko or Toshie.

☆Rendo Sugimoto's Holistic Healing Method Level 1 Teacher Training course☆

Link to this course click here
2-days course
Day 1. Saturday 20th, Feb 10:00~17:00
Day 2. Sunday 21st, Feb 10:00~17:00

Learn directly from the Sensei Rendo Sugimoto, simple and effective methods for teaching Amagi Thermal Therapy fundamentals.

• Lean Amagi Thermal Therapy fundamentals.
• Lean to diagnose physical problems through observation of facial features and body movement.
• Locating the source of hidden aliments through observation of pain and use of meridian exercises.
• Techniques for chewing correctly to improve wellbeing.
• Exploring the relationships between food, exercise and the rhythm of the body.

Eiko Koizumi Phone: 0413-649-631(Txt only)
E-mail :
Toshie phone 0479064271

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