Dream Drone is a 90 minute lie down immersion in the sound of the didgeridoo. Participants come with what they need to be comfortable to lay on the floor and are treated to a sonic experience that vibrates the whole body.  Utilizing the interference pattern created by playing two keyed didgeridoos at the same time Dream Drone is a unique sound that has the power to take the listener on an inner journey.

Dream Drone is a collaboration between long time local didgeridoo player Si Mullumby and Jon Worsley, the designer of the YiDaChi range of hemp didgeridoos. Jon and Si share a twenty-one year history and the resultant YiDaChi instruments used in these events represent the latest in material and design technology.

Temple Byron is a lush retreat environment situated at 46 Melaleuca Drive close to Byron town. Arrive 6pm for a 6.30pm start. No late entry. Tickets $31 including bf or $35 on the door. Available from www.dreamdrone.com.au