The Divine University Project team offers a weekly one hour group healing service to the community from 6 - 7pm every Wednesday at Temple Byron, Meleluca Drive, Byron Bay.

This resumes the 27th July 2011 after a short break earlier this year. It was originally begun in 2008 as a charitable service and has served many in the community to shift pain, challenging issues, or to simply receive pure energy for their chakras and life flow on a weekly basis, for that extra upliftment. Everyone is welcome to attend and receive divine assistance with the intention of experiencing ease and grace for their week ahead, whatever their circumstances. It is best to attend regularly if there is something you wish to specifically receive assistance with as this will usually take time to unravel.

If you intend coming, please arrive a little earlier to find your space in the hall and bring a small cushion for your head and a rug for warmth as you will be lying down to receive the divine healing energies as they fill the room each week. The hall will have a crystal altar in the centre and prayers will be spoken each week by the healing team for the divine assistance to be brought forth for everyone attending. Team members will be using their voices to sound into the body at times and may gently place their hands on specific chakras needing additional energy. As the crystal bowl is played, many attendees find themselves in deep states of relaxation as they lay for the one hour session.

We graciously request that you offer a small weekly contribution of $3 for the cost of venue hire and if you are aware of anyone who may presently benefit from receiving universal healing energies, please let them know about this community service.

For The DU Project Service Team, Byron Bay