Confidence and Bliss Meditation

Come on a inward journey to let go of the wounds that always seem to trip you up and rob you of your inner confidence. Dampen the critical inner voice. Merge with the Divine and open up to more bliss, stillness while open the door to more empowerment.

This is a Shanti Mission (Peace Mission) style of meditation and it just seems easier. It’s guided, with music, breath work and chanting. All mixed in a relaxed spiritual inclusive flavour to help you get out of your mind.

The usual end result is you feel claim, relaxed and a greater sense of well being.
Release, relax and rebalance.

Offered by Dean Coupland of Unity House Byron
7.30pm Wednesday 16 November
Temple Byron
Approximately 45 minutes

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to settle into the space.
For more info please contact Dean on 0414 364 415, or