The Empowered Man Men's Group


This group is for men who are looking for a tribe of good men in the local area to connect with regularly.

The focus for the group is on living an empowered life and supporting other men to do the same.

This is an opportunity for you to connect to other men in the local area. To share, to go deep, to contribute and receive support from others.

To challenge and be challenged. To feel safe and yet find your edge.

To deepen as a man, and to offer that depth back to your community.

The group runs on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, with our first evening on Tuesday 5th June. Pls arrive a few mins early so we can start on time.

The venue is the main hall at Temple Byron, 46 Melaleuca Dr, Byron Bay.

Cost is $20 per man for an evening attendance, cash payment on arrival. 

The group is an open group, which means you are welcome to either drop in and try it out, or attend on a regular basis.



6.30pm Silent Meditation (if you're unsure of what to do during this period, check in with Dave before or after the group)

6.45pm Check in - each man shares for a few mins what he's feeling and what's been happening for him in the past week that he'd like to share with the group - either a high or low or both!

7.15pm Physical Movement - intention of this phase is to help men get out of their head and into their body

7.30pm Group Process- either talking or experiential - intention is to take men through a process that challenges them to go inwards and find what they need to be focusing on to be in their power as a man

8.15pm Check out - each man shares what he's feeling at the end of the evening

8.30pm Tidy up and depart



The intention of these guidelines is to empower trust, safety, integrity, and the ability to drop in deeply with each other.

Confidentiality - You can share about your experience, but not that of another man’s (unless he gives you his permission to do so).

Commitment - If you've committed to attending for an evening, whether to try it out or as a regular attendee, show up, unless you or someone close to you is very unwell or there is an urgent matter that requires your attention.

Use “I” language

No advice/feedback to another man unless he gives his permission.

No cross talk - no interrupting a man while he’s sharing (unless you're reminding him to use “I” language)

Punctuality- arrive a few mins early so we can start on time at 6.30pm. Communicate if running late with ETA mentioned in message. If you do arrive late, please quietly enter and join the silent meditation.

If challenging a man - own that behaviour in yourself, before naming it in other. If you're unsure about what this guideline means, check in with Dave.

No drugs or alcohol before the group.

You have the right to 'pass' for any activity or experience throughout the evening. If you decide not to participate in an activity for any reason, please either observe from the side or let a member of the group know what support you need if you cannot remain in the room at the time.

All feelings are welcome, both yours and those of others - try to own them and let us know if you are not okay being not okay.

About Dave

Dave is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping men relate to women more authentically so they can have healthy romantic lives.

His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression and working through the effects of that, which led him to deeply explore his own sexuality and masculinity.

Dave runs The Empowered Man program for men and leads workshops and retreats both in Australia and internationally.

Outside these arenas you'll probably find him surfing a wave around Byron Bay or sitting back with a cup of tea somewhere peaceful.