Another Cosmic Classroom coming up on Monday, May 1 at 6:30pm

Lois Hunt and Paul Margolin will host the astro-exploration for the evening.

Lois will give a talk on the tidal wave of astro energies bringing in the new cycle of time. It's time to ride the cosmic wave with awareness and empowerment

Personal charts can then be explored with Paul’s expertise on the transits affecting your life now.
We hope you will join us.

Cosmic Classroom With Lois and Paul

Journey through the Spirals of Time & Space into the Cosmic Mystery
Now is the time… to discover who you really are… To heal…to transform…to develop your creator-power
Lois Hunt & Paul Margolin will guide you through your personal time machine, open the door to your space mandala & ignite the Light within.
The ancient wisdom comes alive in the Cosmic Classroom.
It’s a safe, nurturing, interactive circle of loving support in the air conditioned Hall.
Personal transformation and Awareness is the intention.
It’s time to shine the Light.
The science of Astrology…Western, Vedic, & Soul-Centered astrology will reveal the cosmic currents operating in your life story now.
It’s time to become aware of your soul’s journey.
The Right Use of Power will manifest through intensive exploration the planetary energies within our Solar System.
It’s time to take authority over your personal power.

Additional chapters of Esoteric Wisdom may be included:
The science of Numerology
The evolutionary journey of the Soul

Simple, logical tools are taught…. And interactive questions are answered
 It’s time to Awaken!
The Stars are shinning…which one are you ?