'Over darkness there is light. Shadows made by objects, the thoughts of our mind.'

Assaff Eisenberg is a Shaolin Kung Fu student who teaches Chi Gung.

27 years of age Assaff has been through a lot, brought up by is father he had to spend most of his time alone and he was forced to join the army, after the army he moved to the other side of the globe where he was re-born and went through the process of creating a new life for himself. Assaf knows only to well how the ups and downs of life can effect us, as he has experienced more downs then ups  until he met someone who changed his life.

Today Assaffs passion is to share his knowledge.
n the class you will learn Chi Gung and you will also get introduction to Thai Chi/ energy flow.

Class is a full hour and a half at $20

First hour: Chi Gung

Last half an hour: Thai Chi  

0423 464 975    

CHI GUNG -  What does it means? And how can it help me?
Chi Gung. say it slow. Chi – energy. Gung – work.

Energy work.

Work, we all knows what it is.  

So let's focus on Chi for a moment. Chi can be called in many names. But its essence is in its function. Chi feels good. Chi pumps our hearts and directs the plants towards the sun. It makes waves in the ocean and also directs the weather. Chi is what moves the baby to her mum when she's hungry. Not one arm or one leg, but the all body as one.   

Chi is not out side of us. It's not separate from us. It is a big part of us. It's also a law. Like the law of gravity. When we flow with it, it makes life much easier.

Chi's nature is to expend and break blockages. 
When we are down we stop the Chi expansion and start to deplete our Chi. We become needy of other people's Chi. We can buy a new car to get a false sense of Chi etc'. But it won't help. When we are angry we do the same as above just with more forced will to try to change what is. This makes more pain for us in many different ways.

Chi Gung is a focused work of transformation from dark experiences to bright ones. Incorporating our mind body and soul now and staying focused through our lives, we get to experience reality as it is.    

Chi gung exercises make a person clear minded and alert. That makes the person relaxed and become alive, connected. He inhabits his body and expending his Chi. and yes, it gives a nice body shape too.

When we exercised a good part of time our Chi become powerful and we sense life's energy. When that happens a big rock is lifted off of us. We get a big sense of tranquility. Then we are able to sense other stuff too but it's up to us which of them we going to avoid or embrace.

But first we have to accept.

When the thought is right the action is right.

Certain type of exercises can change lives (our way of experiencing life). For example: sitting in front of the TV depletes Chi and fest. And if a person will sit in front of a TV for a long time he will become like a zombie. But if a person will sit at the beach for a long time he will get clear. One depletes and one expends the Chi/Energy our Chi. we become our choices.  

Life will always be much easier when you flow with it.