~ An inivitation to the Temple of 'Breath of Bliss' ~

A sacred journey with BREATH, MOVEMENT and SOUND, expanding our bandwith for life !

Breath of Bliss is a 2 hour experience with movement, touch, deep sharing, and an hour of circular connected breath...

This is a weekly event !!

March 8 - 10am-12:30
March 15 - 10am -12:30
March 22 - 10am- 12:30
March 29 - 10am-12:30

The grounds are beautiful! We recommend coming atleast 15 min. early to soak in the beauty, land into the space and get settled.

Investment -- $35 per class or a month pass @ $100

limited space - recommended to book in or arrive early slightsmile emoticon

What Breathwork can inspire ~

~ Expand consciousness
~ Experience euphoria & ecstasy
~ Increase mental clarity, energy & libido
~ Oxygenate & Detoxify
~ Balance mind, body & spirit
~ Reduce Stress
~ Expand creativity
~ Open your heart
~ Improve relationships

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness, sensation, emotion and presence. This experience begins with movement, deep sharing, touch, and conscious loving exercises and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular breathing. The journey is sensitively led with vocal guidance, empowering affirmations, music and sound healing. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening, connection and awareness!

Breath of Bliss is a journey beyond the individual personality of the "little me" into the vast, eternal "I" that connects all people, places and things. Feel your body tingling as life force surges with every breath! Creative ideas may flood in at quantum speed. Some have visions, mystical experiences and connection with the Divine. Others revisit birth or childhood experiences that have been buried. Intense self awareness occurs ~ limiting beliefs which are normally unconscious become clear. People often experience a flood of emotions and physical sensations. Sometimes there are healing tears, laughter or sexual feelings. From anger to ecstasy, you are encouraged to embrace it all! The illusory walls of separation melt away as you connect with the divine causes of everything you have experienced. Many participants have a direct experience awakening, a sense of a their purpose and eternal connection to everything and everyone across space and time. Attendees often leave feeling euphoric, peaceful, full of wonder and gratitude. ​​

Breath of Bliss has created a pivotal paradigm shift in the world of breathwork! This innovative program draws on the work of Advaita, Science of Mind, Tantra, and vast array of conscious loving life coaching exercises which amplify your sense of wholeness. Through inquiry, participants develop self-awareness and radical self-responsibility~ moving beyond victimhood, trauma, and drama towards a total awareness and the bliss that is aroused from allowing everything to be exactly as it is. In this place we remember that we are connected, resourceful and whole and that there is nothing broken that needs to be fixed or healed. Healing is a revelation of the fundamental harmony within.

Breath of Bliss is a journey! We create a sacred space of of beauty, designed to massage open your senses, making you more available to experience whatever form of realization is needed. Exercises quicken your consciousness so you can more easily feel all your feelings, generate wonder, speak consciously from your heart, generate appreciations and live in discovery. The progression of the experience, words used, sharings and music are all carefully chosen to arouse your awareness of being Love. You can arrive with "nothing to work on" and have extremely profound, life-changing insights! Breath of Bliss is a catalyst to transform and uplevel everything which no longer serves you and provide you with clarity about who you really are.


Laura ~ A local Shamanic Woman Crafter, Traditional Birth Keeper and lover of 'the sacred'... she combines a deep passion for ritual and ceremony, and extensive experience with the Shamanic and Birthing realms, Laura creates a strong and nurturing container for the mystery and magik to unfurl in a powerful way.

Issia - This world-wide traveler originally from California comes with a background as a Therapuetic bodyworker, yoga instructor, Tantrica & Steiner teacher. Issia is passionate about personal development, self healing and empowerment work. She believes that healing occurs when emotional, mental and spiritual bodies align with the physical. Her lifes purpose is to support the collective field to reawaken and remember that all is sacred.

Issia ~ infinityogalove@gmail.com 0434 272 293
Laura ~ birthingwings@gmail.com 0428888838