Unconditional Self Love Mastery

Unconditional Self Love Mastery

Byron Bay Weekend Retreat

for the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul


With international bestselling author, counsellor and qi gong master

Blake D. Bauer

September 17th -18th 2016


A Deeply Nourishing & Empowering Weekend of Self-Love, Healing, Organic Food, Spiritual Practice, Mindfulness Meditation & Qi Gong Healing Exercises

Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for a life changing weekend focused on overcoming the unhealthy thoughts and habits that are keeping you unhappy, trapped, or sick. Discover why depression, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, and illness are simply cries from you soul asking you to love, accept, value, and be true to yourself now.

The weekend will include mindfulness meditation and qigong healing exercises designed to unlock stuck energy, blood, and emotion that is causing toxicity and pain in your body. The weekend will offer a safe environment so you can face your core fears and move forward in fulfilling your life purpose. It will help you understand how to enjoy your life fully, without regret and without feeling guilty for wanting to be happy and healthy.

Allow yourself to slow down, let go and either address what's holding you back - or simply just be.

In this retreat, learn practical skills to begin to:

 • Transform The Root Cause of Illness, Anxiety, Insecurity & Depression

• Stop Making Yourself Wrong

• Train Your Mind To Find Peace

• Heal Your Inner Child, Past Wounds & Traumas

• Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

• Clarify Your Direction Forward

• Live Fully In The Present

• Forgive Yourself & Others

• Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

• Transform Your Relationships

• Reconnect with Your Infinite, Intelligent & Capable Self

• Come Home To The Source of Peace & Love Within

• Revitalize Your Physical Body & Health

• Stop Blaming or Punishing Yourself

• Overcome Self Doubt

• Stop Pretending To Be Happy or Someone You Are Not

The weekend is based on Blake D. Bauer's book You Were Not Born To Suffer, which has been the #1 bestselling spiritual title in Australia multiple times.


Early Bird ends August 1st 2016
Temple Byron
46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 Australia
Accommodation is not included in the retreat price so that each person or group can choose accommodation that suits their personal budget and preference.
The following websites offer wonderful options for all budgets:
 Lunch will be included and offered each day.
There will also be fruit and nuts for everyone to snack on throughout the day.
Hot water, spring water and hot organic tea will be provided each day.
Weekend Schedule
Please keep in mind this is only a general estimate of how the weekend will unfold…
Morning Session
 10am – 1pm
 1pm – 2.30pm
Afternoon Session
Morning Session
 10am – 1pm
1pm – 2.30pm
Afternoon Session
Temple Byron has ample parking for each day of the retreat.