Biodanza - the “dance of life” - is an invigorating fusion of music, movement and real connection which opens us to new and creative possibilities for living Life.


Exploring together as a group, in pairs, and as individuals, in the realms of movement, rhythm, touch, feeling and self-expression, we unfold into an experience of the Vivencia – which means to be awake and alive, fully and intensely, in the present moment.


Discovering Biodanza can feel like a breath of fresh air – after a session people commonly feel uplifted, relaxed and content, more in touch with people and with themselves.  Major biochemical and neurological rebalancing takes place during the sessions and this supports positive pathways and patterns for living to emerge in us, take root and grow ... with regular Biodanza, many people find their lives and relationships transforming! 


The founder of Biodanza, Chilean clinical psychologist and anthropologist Professor Rolando Toro Araneda, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.  From its birthplace in South America, Rolando Toro's system of Biodanza has spread through Europe, Africa, North America, and now to Australia with regular classes and workshops opening around the country.  Today over 100,000 people around the world enjoy weekly Biodanza, in such diverse settings as schools, companies, clinics, social projects, dance studios and even as a course in some universities.



As a dance lover and healer, I have travelled a wondrous journey of self-development using the Biodanza system.  Since starting in 2000 I have been deeply moved by this powerful tool of pleasurable transformation...  From my passion to bring more love and harmony into human relationships, I conducted the first Biodanza facilitator training course in Australia, which accredited its first group of facilitators in 2012 and I look forward to conducting the next course.


For 25 years I have accompanied people with various other tools including Voice Dialogue, Energetic Treatments through the Body Mirror System, Spiritual Healing (Celtic School of Spiritual Healing), Meditation (30+ years practice), Diet-Emotion guidance (Eating Raw by Instinct), and Cranio-Sacral therapy. 

I received my training in Biodanza in Europe and South-America by talented teachers including Biodanza founder Prof. Toro Araneda.  I am also qualified in working with children & teens, Voice, Massage, among other Biodanza specialisations. 


I am a mum blessed with two teenagers.


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