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General interpretation Reports

Merlin Full Natal Interpretation $25   Astro Insight and Life Path Report $15
Solar Fire Full Natal Interpretation $25   Hidden Messages Report $15
Vocational Guidance Report $20   Cosmo Full Reading Report $15
Vedic Full Interpretation Report $20   Karmic Past Life Report $20
Karmic Insight Report $20   Health and Wellbeing Report $25
Compatability Reports

Compatibility and Conflict Report $20   Compatibility Profile Scores $10
Heaven Sent Synastry Report $20   Full Solar Fire Gold Synastry Report $25
Forecast Reports         
Firdaria Life Cycles Report $15   Monthly Forecast Graph $10
Long Term Transit Report $20   Kepler Future Transit zzReports $15
13 Moons Lunar (Monthly) Report $20   Solar Return (Yearly) Report $25
Short Term Transits Report $15   Monthly Transit Calendar $10
Lunar Progression Report $15   Advanced Forecast (Daily) Report $15
Relocation Reports         
World–Wide Re-Location Report $20   Astro-map (Locational) Report $20

Other Reports         
Harmonic Insights Report $10   Music of the Spheres Report $10
Naughty Natal Report $10   Midpoints Report $10
Sabian Symbol report $20   Numerology Report $15
Chinese Astrology report $20      

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