Inner Insight Mastery 1- Day Workshop


Discover the secrets to clearing the sabotages and blocks that hinder your potential for outstanding wellbeing, relationships, finances & career.


Be inspired and empowered to discover your innate treasure trove of knowledge, skills, gifts, talents and strengths.  Experience how empowering practical tools of working with Aromatic Essences, Oracle Insight, Chakra’s and Mandala can facilitate personal growth, renewal and transformation.


Inner Insight Mastery is ideal for:


  • You feel stuck, frustrated, out of balance or going through a rough patch.
  • Your life is working but you feel something is missing
  • You want your relationships to be better
  • A sense of optimism and wellbeing eludes you
  • You need clarity, focus insight and direction
  • Emotional baggage weighs you down
  • Tedious behavior patterns stifle you


Imagine living your full potential with resilience and confidence. Using practical tools to target, clear and resolve personal imbalances with ease and enjoy reaping the benefits of inner insight and transformation.


Where: Temple Byron

 46 Melaleuca Drive

 Byron Bay NSW 2481

When: Saturday 26th April

 11am – 4pm


Energy exchange:  $120 includes Sanctuary Pure Synergy Blend. Enliven, cleanse and restore yourself and your environment. Valued at $33.


Walk away with:  Feeling clarity, insight, elevated to a new level, and uplifted by letting go of what is holding you back and gain in new tools that guide you to practically continue to use daily.


Bookings are essential to keep the workshop energy intimate. Any questions and booking contact:


                           Channeled Soul Readings – Sunday 27th April


If you feel drawn to gain clarity and insight, confidence and direction, knowing that you are following you true path then you may benefit enormously from a 45-minute session with Annie Toscher.


  • Are you living your life without passion and purpose?
  • Do you often wonder why you are here and what you are meant to be doing?
  • Do you have a dream/vision but something is blocking you from achieving it?


If you want gain clarity and insight, confidence and direction, knowing in your heart you are following your true path then you may benefit from a personal 45-minute session. 


  • The channeled sessions will also reveal the specific core block.
  • Uncover the appropriate steps to resolve the challenges
  • Ascertain the appropriate tool for clearing the challenges or block


If you want to take your life’s journey or gain clarity to the next level:


  • Clarity
  • Well being
  • Emotional resilience
  • Certainly


Book with Annie for a session to discover your personal profile and solution to what hinders your potential and block you creating wellbeing, relationships, healthy finances, business & career.

Annie Toscher  - Intuitive Mentor    Mobile: 04300 77731

Annie Toscher is sought after Intuitive Mentor, Life Strategist and Inspirational Speaker who has over 30 years of wisdom and experience in the Corporate Sector, Personal Development and Coaching Industry.

Annie has had an inspirational life and has overcome many challenges along the way and has now come out a shinning light!

She also a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor, Transpersonal Art Therapist, CDAT Neuro Art Therapist, Transformational Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Practitioner, Performance Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Annie is an accomplished professional, author, speaker and the style contributor Women's Health & Fitness magazine. She brings warmth of experience to her work and has worked creatively with diverse people and needs, both in groups and individually.

She's an engaging, lively speaker willing to share wisdom, knowledge and experience. You will find her easy to talk to, compassionate, positive and practical.

Her passion is inspiring and empowering people to personal growth, renewal and transformation.