Divine Music

With Angelica 2007

“ Angelika’s speaks directly to the soul, to our divine essence, many listeners comment on the extra-ordinary healing energy flowing through her voice & music and reported seeing a host of divine beings when she sings. This music transcends mere entertainment, touching a deep spiritual chord within” k.Guadalupe,CSUS

Angelika’s divine music graced the shores of Byron Bay, playing a evening of sacred music at Temple Byron we all rejoiced in her heavenly sounds.

Angelika’s music reflects divine beauty. It is a gift to her and others to help soothe, heal and inspire, to remember who we really are, cutting through the filters of the mind to the essence of spirit. Angelika sings ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras, prayers in many different languages and her own original songs in English, sharing pure love and celebration; embracing all expressions of divinity, all paths, all of life.

 Many listeners comment on the extra ordinary healing qualities of Angelika’s voice and music. She plays tamboura, guitar, keyboard, autoharp, a special handmade koto monochord tamboura, flute and a variety of other instruments and uses intricate vocal harmonies to create an enchanting sound experience and spiritual space.

For more information: on Angelika visit www.angelikahealingmusic.com